January 02 2012
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Creative Storage Solutions Week #1

Happy New Year friends, and welcome to a brand new weekly series on The Organized Mom! Every Monday morning we are going to bring you a new creative idea for storage and organization.

Week #1- Metal cans!

Whether old or new, metal cans have been used to store items for many years. Cans are a great storage container for office items, art supplies, or even makeup brushes.

Metal cans can be left plain or covered with decorative scrapbook paper. When using a can for storing items, try to use a can opener that leaves edges dull; not sharp enough to cut someone. Clean the can well before use, and try to avoid cans that have a smell that may be hard to get rid of, such as tuna.

Unless you love the smell of tuna.

Probably not.

The can above came from a school surplus sale. I shudder at the thought of my kids at school eating canned pork, but it’s a cool can nonetheless!

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