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Creative Storage Solutions Week #17

Unfortunately, sometimes buying one container just isn’t enough. Don’t discredit buying boxes or plastic storage containers in multiple sizes, especially when it comes to art or office supplies. My kids never craft in the same place. For us it makes sense to have small pots hold art supplies, all layered in a larger container allowing them to carry it around the house. When purchasing containers, don’t be afraid to try them out in stores like Target and Walmart. A pot in the gardening center may fit perfectly in a decorative tray in the home décor section.

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2 thoughts on “Creative Storage Solutions Week #17

  1. Super cute Idea, I am downsizing and reorganizing our house right now and I just love this idea

  2. Creative idea! My kid’s art supplies are all over the place. Although their mom provided different container for each supply, I just don’t get it why they are always mixed up! Ugh!

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