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Creative Storage Solutions – Week #18

In my home I am constantly in need of storage hooks for items like jackets and back packs. With four growing kids we need a lot of hooks. After a recent outing to Wal-Mart I discovered that to purchase enough plain boring white plastic hooks would cost me a small fortune. It was definitely time to get creative.

A trip to a local hardware store proved to be much more savvy. My local Lowe’s happened to have brass hardware on clearance at fifty cents apiece. I picked up a can of spray paint, and used a piece of scrap wood at home to create several storage hooks for around the house. I even spiced it up with some vintage library catalogue cards. The hooks would have been fine without, but if you want to get really creative you could paint your child’s initials, or post a favorite picture of each child above as well. In the end I was so glad I didn’t go with traditional plastic hooks. The one I made turned out to be much more personal, and I get many compliments on it as well!

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