A Personal Rant About Halloween Costumes

So, basically, I’ve HAD IT with Halloween right now.  My daughter is very much a tom boy.  What can I say, she takes after Mommy.  She had 2 Barbies.  The only reason she even owns said Barbies is because they came with some sort of animal (dolphin, whale, dog, etc).  The Barbie does NOT get played with.  The animal it came with though, definitely gets played with.  She’s not a pretty pretty princess.  She’s a future marine biologist.

Here comes my annual issue, that ended up making me SO incredibly angry this year I just can’t stand it anymore.  This year she wanted to be a bird.  Ever since seeing the movie Rio she’s been obsessed with Brazil and birds.  I thought, “well, that’s not quite as obscure as last year’s request to be a dolphin, it should be easier to find one”.  Boy was I wrong.  First we headed to Target.  There were animals for infants, there was super heros for boys, and there were pretty pretty princesses for girls.  Seriously, the entire row was filled with tutu’s, skirts, and such.  Even the “animal” costumes were leotards and/or skirts.  REALLY?  My daughter doesn’t want to be a girly cheetah with a cheetah print skirt and leotard, she wants to be an ACTUAL cheetah.

Not only were the costumes for girls wayyyyy too “girly” for my little tom boy, some were downright offensive!  No, my 6 year old does NOT want to be a sexy mummy, heck, I wouldn’t let a teenager be a sexy mummy for Halloween.

So, I gave up on Target and decided to head to the large Halloween store down the street.  SURELY a store dedicated to Halloween costumes would have some Animal costumes for my daughter.  At this point I would have been happy with ANY sort of animal, and then try to convince my daughter it was what she wanted to be.  I walked into the Halloween store with my 6 year old and my squirmy 2 year old in tow.  I start searching the Girl’s section first.  Princess, princess, fairy, witch, butterfly, princess, crowns, “animal” costumes with just a picture of the animal, a skirt and a hat…at this point I was starting to get very very angry.

Then I check the boys section, hoping for some sort of animal. Still NOTHING! So, there was another Halloween store close by. I decided to head there hoping for something… anything… that would be acceptable for my little girl. By the third store though, I wasn’t very hopeful. Again I was confronted with way too sexy costumes, and girly craziness. I mean don’t they understand this is UTAH! My daughter would FREEZE in a skirt, if she even wanted to wear one!

Defeated, I headed back to my car, and posted this tweet/Facebook Status update… “Dear Halloween stores and costume makers, not all girls want to be pretty pretty princesses.  Thank you”.  A friend of mine responded with “they also don’t want to be slurry whores” which meant to by slutty, but autocorrect got the better of her.  Still, my friends and I have enjoyed using the word slurry now.

Promise I’m bringing this back around to organization….

So this year I had to find a costume on the internet and have it shipped.  A friend of mine found her Fox costume on the internet and had to have it shipped from England!  Maddie’s costume will be here on Monday, she has decided on being a Penguin.  Last year we had to have her costume custom made.  The dolphin did turn out fantastic though!  For us we have got to be on the ball for Halloween.  If I wait too long to start looking for her costume it will never be ready, or arrive in time for Halloween.  The dolphin costume took several weeks to create.  With shipping times, it could take a while too.  So start talking to your kids in September about what they want to be for Halloween, and start looking right away for it, otherwise you may end up with no other choices but pretty pretty princesses and sexy mummys.

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