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Review Daily Home Planner!

We're looking to get the word out on Daily Home Planner! You can be considered to review Daily Home Planner Desktop or Web Version on your blog. To review the web version you will be given a free 6-month trial! Please email me at sarah@dailyhomeplanner.com for more information!

The Web Version Is HERE!

I am so excited to announce that we have finally finished the web version of Daily Home Planner, and have released it!  The web version of Daily Home Planner (or DHPNow) has the all of the same features as the desktop version of Daily Home Planner, to view the demos of the desktop version click HERE. Unlike the desktop version…

Daily Home Planner Web Version Survey

Hello from the folks at WEK Software!  The web based version of Daily Home Planner is getting extremely close to being completed.  In fact we even sent out a call in our August monthly newsletter for beta testers!  As we are putting the finishing touches on it we wanted some feedback before we officially release.  If you have any interest…

What I’ve Been Doing This Weekend

I haven't posted because I've been super busy... with what you may ask?  I created all new demonstrations of Daily Home Planner!  Check them out at http://www.dailyhomeplanner.com/demo.htm Feel free to comment here on what you think of the demos... did they turn out all right?  Should I re-record the ones I clearly messed up on?  Let me know so I…