November 24 2011

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Traveling Time!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your Thursday be filled with guilt free eating, and your Friday be filled full of post eating remorse, which you attempt to walk off while Black Friday shopping at 2:00 am, all until you return home at lunch time, indulge in leftovers, and start all…

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Blog,Lessons Learned

Packing It All In

            Have you ever experienced this scenario: You’ve just driven hundreds of miles, finally reaching your destination late at night and all you want to do is get the kids (and yourself) to bed as fast as possible.  You bring in the suitcases and the kids tear into them to…

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The New Pool

Our friends had a 14′ pool just sitting in their basement.  My husband told them that we would gladly take it off of their hands.  Cue to how my routine got throw out the window today…. I started out great, got my backups for work done, took a…

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