Saturday Shortcuts

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Snow Scraping Shortcut

If you have to park your car outside place a beach towel over the windshield and the back window.  When you wake up in the morning just remove the beach towel and no scraping needed!

Snow Shoveling Shortcut

Spray your shovel with non-stick cooking spray before going out to shovel your driveway.  The snow will slide right off the shovel, making the task so much faster!

Cooking Shortcut

When organizing and putting away your pots, pans and bowls, make sure not to "nest" the most commonly used items.  This way you will not have to dig through other items to get to the pot you need.

Floss Shortcut

Use Dental Floss to cut food into thin slices or pieces. Just wrap around your finger with dental floss and wrap the other end of the floss around your finger on your other hand. You can cut through cakes, cheese and also hard:boiled egg to slice them into thin or small pieces, cleaner and neater than using knife.

Financial Shortcut

Carry one large bill instead of your debit card.  You are less likely to spend a couple of dollars here and there if you have to break the large bill, and you won't have the debit card to fall back on.  Being without the debit card will help you to not overspend.

Laundry Shortcut 2

Train your family that when they get a stain on their clothes to tie that piece of clothing in a knot, so when you are throwing the clothes in the washer you know to find a stain and treat it!

Laundry Shortcut

Get undressed next to the laundry basket so you can throw your clothes in right away, and they won't pile up on the bedroom floor.