February 03 2015

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Organize Your Menu Plan

I used to sit in a pile of cookbooks every week searching through them and trying to decide what to make for dinner every night that week.  I don’t do that anymore.  Not only is it completely overwhelming to be surrounded by that MANY recipes… it was…

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August 25 2014

Time Management

Overcoming Procrastination

Understanding exactly why we are procrastinating is key to overcoming procrastination in our lives. Each day this week we will focus on one thing that is causing you to procrastinate, and give you the tools you need to power through that task and get it off your to do list…

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December 31 2012

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The Checklist Fairy

I’m a sucker for checklists. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favorite movies is an ABC Family Original movie called Lucky 7, when she writes something on her to do list, then does it right away, and then checks it off, all…

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Begin It!

Getting started on a project is probably the hardest part of your projects.  So where can you find the motivation to start something?  Whether it’s cleaning a room, or starting a new business, the beginning can be difficult.  This is one thing that is so hard about running…

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