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  1. Susan Bankhead
    February 18, 2008

    Interesting ideas, Sarah. I’ve discovered that where I once put all my towels in the linen closet, I’ve been thinking of ways I can store the extra towels right in each bathroom. Maybe a little shelf above the toilet or somewhere, and that frees up more space in my linen closet for first aid supplies and medicines out of reach of children. Also, I’ve now got dedicated towels for each bathroom: the white waffle weave for the master bath, the burgandy and forest green ones for the basement bathroom, and the Costco white ones for the guest bathroom, so the towels on display actually help in the decorating scheme for the bathroom.


  2. Catherine
    April 24, 2008

    Genius! I can’t wait to turn my “non-closet” that has towels and sheets falling out of it into a game closet. It is on my list to do this weekend!! I can easily store the towels and sheets in my girls’ bathroom cabinets and we have been frustrated about game storage for a long time. Thanks for helping me think out of the “closet”.


  3. Pamela
    June 18, 2011

    I use my linen closet to store games & arts & crafts supplies. It just didn’t work as a linen closet for my family. I keep the towels in each bathroom & the extra linens are stored in each bedroom closet. When I change the sheets on the bed then I just grab the extra set out of the closet in that room. I don’t have to worry about picking up the wrong sheet out of a pile because the set that goes with that room is the only one in that closet. It saves me a lot of time!


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