Creative Storage Solutions Week #13

Forget the zombie infatuation that is currently rampant in the world, I think the beautifully decorated and organized pantry movement is far more frightening. Here’s my advice on the pretty pantry movement… don’t get carried away with overpriced containers. Try not to spend more on the container than the food that goes in it. Also, remember the food can spill and damage whatever holds it. I bought several fabric bins, and one still bears the after marks of several spilled and squished marshmallows.

When organizing my pantry I turned to an old sewing machine desk I intended to restore, but realized it was just too far gone to bring back to life. The drawers have proven to be excellent storage in my pantry since they are long and narrow. Contact paper on the bottom of the drawer also protects them from spills. I also have several clear plastic containers that hold snack type items. They may not all perfectly match, but they were affordable solutions in a hard to organize space.


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