Creative Storage Solutions Week #4

It’s time for the fourth week in our Creative Storage Solutions series! This week we are talking about creative paper storage.

I swear half of my office storage space is for some sort of paper related item. I am always on the look out for a creative way to store paper that is easily accessible for myself, and my kids. This vintage storage box was originally intended to house 35mm slides.

Not really practical know since my kids have no idea what film even is.

So sad, right? Of course my dad said the same thing about me and 8 Track tapes, and I rolled my eyes then too.

After staring at the box for several weeks, I finally pulled the front door off, and decided it was the perfect box to sit on my desk and house paper. Now my kids have easy access to paper for writing and drawing, and my desk drawer is very much appreciative for receiving far less abuse.

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