While I’m not quite as much of a list girl as my sister is (her Daily Home Planner lists section practically goes to the bottom of the page!).  I do enjoy checking things off.  I read somewhere recently that you can go overboard with the lists, and that can not be good either.  Like if you write down “brush teeth” just to check it off.  I’m  sure you can remember to brush your teeth, and if it’s not written down, that gamey taste in your mouth will surely remind you.  Lists, though, when used wisely can be a tremendous help to you.  I know that if I don’t write something down I will forget it very quickly.  So usually if there is something I need to remember I have to repeat it over and over again in my mind.  When I’m doing this even the slightest distraction can make me forget the task at hand.  Here are some keys to a good list…

Keep it Simple – Your lists shouldn’t be super long complicated things.  Just reminders of what needs to be done, or purchased, etc.  You do not need to make lists about brushing your teeth, and taking a shower.

Refer to It – I am guilty of making lists, and then completely forgetting about them (it is kind of the point of my lists, so that I CAN forget, but I can’t forget about the entire list or nothing will get accomplished)

Keep it Current – This means my FAVORITE part about lists, checking things off.  I really hate when things are in limbo.  I don’t feel like I have control over it if it is still waiting for something.  The guys I used to work with loved this about me.  After I got pregnant I was placed on the help desk to field calls, and I HATED when we couldn’t close a ticket.  I was known as the closer.  I would come into work and close all sorts of tickets, because I hate things in limbo.

Write When You Think – Jeri Dansky had a BRILLIANT post on her blog about writing in the shower.  When I read this I was immediately struck by the genius of it.  I seriously do so much thinking in the shower.  When I think of something I have to do while in the shower, I almost always forget it!  My daughter has a lovely stash of tub crayons, so I was able to stick one of them in my shower, and now I can write it down!  Of course then don’t forget to transfer it to the location you really keep your lists (I keep mine in my Daily Home Planner).

Keeping lists is so important for me.  It really helps me to declutter my brain!  There is just too much stuff for me to remember, I need to write it down (so I can check it off!).  Time to check off “write blog” for the day!

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