Storing and Organizing Legos

Just getting into Legos? Or are you a seasoned set builder?

In my house, Legos are a definite favorite amongst my kids and their friends. In my son’s room we have a large wood box on the floor in-between two tables. Sets are built, torn down, and built again on the table tops. I have tried organizing Legos by sets and colors, but one large bin seems to work best in our house.

If you are searching inspiration, try sorting by one of these methods:

1. Sort by color. Perfect for younger kids, sorting by color can make clean up a lot simpler and faster.

2. Sort by size. This is ideal for kids who love creating their own buildings and structures.

3. Sort them by the set. This is perfect for kids who like to build a set, tear it apart, and then build it back together again.

4. Sort by category. This is ideal for Lego fans that have an large number of bricks.

5. Store them unsorted, in a large bin or box. This is what we do at our house, and it seems to be perfect for us since our kids vary in age from 3-13. Though our son probably would prefer to have his Lego’s sorted by size or color, our three year old enjoys playing the role of Godzilla in our home. Until she gets over her love of dumping containers, we will stick with cleaning up Leg’s in just one large box.

If you are ready to join the Lego craze, here are several inspiring photos to help keep those blocks organized. Have a favorite way to keep your bricks from ending up all over your house? Be sure and share in the comments below!

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