The Checkbook Fail

I don’t know why all of my organizational fails lately have had to do with Doctors, but apparently I lose my mind when it comes to Doctors.  My son turned 2 this week (YAY!)  So he had a Doctors appointment for his well check and shots.  I made the appointment with the doctor months ago.  I looked at my calendar, and somehow the hour got messed up, because when they called to remind me it was an hour before what I had on my calendar.  Fail #1.

Then, we had some fraud recently on our bank account, so we had to get new debit cards.  We hadn’t gotten our new cards yet, and we don’t own any credit cards.  So I sent my husband to the doctor with my son, since I had to work.  I took the checkbook out of my purse and left it on the counter before I left for work so that he could pay for the doctor’s visit.  He called me from the doctor’s office to inform me that there were no checks in the checkbook, only deposit slips and the carbon copies of previous checks.  Fail #2.  So if I was more organized, as soon as I wrote the last check I would have replaced the carbon copies with a new book of checks so my husband could actually pay for the visit.  He felt horrible, and so did I.

Organization FAIL!

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