The New Pool

Our friends had a 14′ pool just sitting in their basement.  My husband told them that we would gladly take it off of their hands.  Cue to how my routine got throw out the window today….

I started out great, got my backups for work done, took a shower and got Maddie ready for swimming lessons.  We had left the hose in the new pool because it needs a whole lot of water to fill all the way up.  On the way to dropping my husband off at work, he was worrying about the pool saying that he hadn’t flattend out the bottom before starting to fill it up.  I thought how much could that really do?  Boy was I WRONG.

Now Maddie and I are are walking in from her swimming lessons and she wants to go play in her new pool.  I know, the girl can NOT get enough of water.  I am offiically calling it that she will be an Olympic swimmer when she is older.  She runs outside and I notice that the pool is spilling over (even though it’s not full yet).  I go to check out the situation, and see the problem.  The bottom isn’t flat so it isn’t letting the sides of the pool rise like they should.  Dang… Trevor was right (again).  Now I have to try and drain most of what is already in the pool so I can lift it up enough to pull the bottom so it’s more flat.  I’m sure if I drained more it would have gone easier, but nope, I wanted to do it the hard way. 

After about 30-50 minutes of hard labor (dang water is HEAVY), I finally got the bottom mostly flat, and started to fill up the pool once again.  Maddie was happy, I was spent, and the floor didn’t get mopped once again.

I did clean the downstairs bathroom toilet though!  Not the whole bathroom, just the toilet.  That counts, right?

Lesson learned to avoid lengthy and laborious tasks… read the instructions BEFORE you fill the pool.

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  • Oh boy I have been dealing with the pool thing the last few weeks. We dump it weekly and move it…trying not to kill all the grass. I can’t blame them for wanting to hang out in the pool all day in this heat, but draining it takes forever. Luckily my 12 year old gets the task of standing on the side to drain the water.

    FYI: to keep the dirt and grass out..have the kids step in a bucket of water before stepping into the pool. That has allowed the water to stay a bit cleaner longer.

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