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Have you ever noticed how a good principle never only applies to one situation? How can you use your fabulous organizing principles to manage your money?

I know it’s hard to think of organizing your money the same way you organize your kids’ toys… but let’s try it. How do you apply the principle “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” to your money?

This was really hard for me actually until my husband put the two concepts together for me. It’s really hard for me to see numbers on a computer screen that represent a paper check (that was automatically deposited) – a paper check that represents cash money – cash money that represents something to do with a gold standard (and well, that’s where I get lost) as something tangible I can organize just like colored m&m’s.

Have I lost you? Okay, come on back. All I’m saying is it’s hard to see how physically organizing the toys is just the same as organizing our finances. But the principle is the same and it does work. In the past, though I’m involved, I’ve been letting my husband do most of the organizing finance-wise. But when he said, “A place for everything…,” suddenly, he was speaking my language.

Managing finances is about planning, categorizing, labeling, and sticking with the system. With your stuff, you know you pay a price if you don’t follow the system you painstakingly created. It’s the same with your finances only you literally pay the price when you don’t stick with the system.

I don’t know why linking the concepts makes such a big difference to me but I swear I’m itching to switch over to the online checking account to balance things out right now!

So, here’s the lesson, when you think something (like managing you finances, or raising your kids, or organizing your basement) is beyond you, find a way to link it to something you already know you’re good at. When I realized passing my Economics class was simply a matter of organizing the numbers into the right formulas, I completely aced the class. My math-teacher-sister (who did all my high school math homework) was so proud!

You have strengths and you can use them in more ways than you think. Don’t you just love tackling something that seems impossible, accomplishing it, and then when you think back on it, thinking, “If I could do that, I can do anything!”? What have you done that you never thought you could? Did linking it to something you already knew you could do help?

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