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Valentines Day Traditions to Remember

A few years ago, the ups and downs of teenage daughters prompted me to start some new valentines traditions in our home.  I wanted my children to have a fun and happy day no matter what happened at school.  You can see previous posts here and here for some family-oriented February activities. We always begin our Valentines Day with …

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Show your love AND boost your child’s self confidence this month!

With a house full of teens we try and make Valentines Day about more than the boy-girl crushes going on.  I see it as an opportunity to make my spouse and children feel loved (no matter what happens at school).  Here is an idea that will make any age child or adult feel loved and …

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Kitchen Kids

Growing up, I had a friend whose mom was the epitome of cool. Linda Thomas always let her daughters wear her shoes – even the high heels. I wasn’t even allowed to wear high heels until I was 14 (tragic huh?). The coolest thing about her though was when she did cooking demonstrations. Every so …

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Division of Labor

 What is your household division of labor? I think it is very important and very difficult to achieve balance. But balance is possible and it is key to having peaceful relationships in an organized, clean home filled with responsible people. If your division of labor is out of whack, you’ll know it. Here are some …

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How many of your traditions have a food element? Every Christmas I can remember, the Hunter family made pink popcorn and all eight of us kids delivered bags of it to everyone we knew in the neighborhood. Every year, if you visit my mom and dad’s home right before Christmas, you’re bound to see the …

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Home Production

Have you ever thought of yourself as a financial asset? Economists use the term, “human capital.” The concept is that people = money. You can increase your human capital by getting married, having children, going to school, learning a skill, or teaching a family member a skill. So, way to go all of you who …

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