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Division of Labor

chore-list.bmp What is your household division of labor? I think it is very important and very difficult to achieve balance. But balance is possible and it is key to having peaceful relationships in an organized, clean home filled with responsible people.

If your division of labor is out of whack, you’ll know it. Here are some of the signs:

  • -Someone is always more tired or crankier than the rest of the group (usually mom – but not always)
  • -The house is a disorganized mess
  • -The house is a pigsty
  • -You don’t have time for family activities
  • -The time spent watching TV is way out of proportion to what it should be
  • -Someone says, “I’m bored”
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Do you have clearly established guidelines about who is responsible for what? I don’t know about you but I go from zero to resentment in 30 seconds flat if I’m making dinner with my son underfoot while my husband’s parked on the couch watching TV. I don’t begrudge him the TV time or the much needed break when he gets home from work… it just feels unfair. Know what I mean? Lately my husband has been making an effort to play a board game with my son while he’s watching basketball. This small effort makes me resentment-free! Awesome eh?

Some circumstances require adjusting the expectations (if a family member is sick or unable to perform their home jobs). But it’s good to talk about and know what the balance is. Write it down and post it somewhere. Here’s an example of what not to do: You think your husband should mow and trim the lawn every week. He thinks mowing every other week and trimming once a month is just fine. You’ve only ever established that mowing the lawn is his responsibility but never talked about your different expectations about what that meant. So, every week, you’re mad and he’s clueless why.

Above, you’ll see our family job chart. It is clearly broken down into daily, weekly and as needed. It keeps us all on track. How do you stay on track?

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