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Organize Your Life in 20 Days!
Sarah Kimmel has created a brand new workbook that is available for download for only $7.45. If the e-book doesn’t meet your needs you may request a full refund at any time! There is nothing to lose, download it today by clicking the “buy now” button below!

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In this book you will go through tasks you need to complete for each day. There are also included worksheets to help with creating your budget and routines! Once you complete the workbook you will be on the right path to getting your life organized!

Teaching Your Children to Clean
Cleaning Games to Play with Your Kids

Blog Series Posts
How to Create Routines

Debt Eliminiation
Gather all of your credit bills from the last month (if you are like me then just look all of them up online.) Then organize the bills by interest rate, highest to lowest interest rate. Now download the Sample Debt Elimination Schedule Fill it in with your information. Now what you will do is pay the minimum balance on all of your debt except for the one with the highest interest rate. That one you will throw ANY and ALL extra money you have laying around, until it is paid off completely. Then you will take the money you were paying towards that debt towards the next highest interest rate, and it will continue to decrease until all of your debt is eliminated! The excel sheet can help you see your balances
decrease and keep you motivated.

Gather all of your bills and receipts for the month together and figure out how much you are currently spending each month and in what categories. Then hopefully what you are spending either equals or is less then what you are receiving each month. If it’s more, then you need to start figuring out where to cut some expenses, or go get another job! Then you can either set up your excel sheet with all the columns or purchase the Daily Home Planner to do it for you. To find out more about how I budget and how to use this Excel Sheet check out this post.

Monthly Budget Template

Babysitter Information Form
Open this file up and edit it with the constants in your life (the emergency contact information, your cell phone number, the childrens evening routine, your address). Then save the file so when you are going out with your significant other you can just open this up and edit the time you will return, and where you will be. Print it out and hand it to the babysitter! Babysitter Form