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Get Your Mind Organized With A Brain Dump

Cars, kitchens, and closets have been organized. Now it’s time to organize the mind. Get your mind organized with a brain dump.

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Cars, kitchens, and closets have been organized. Now it’s time to organize the mind. Get your mind organized with a brain dump.

A brain dump was once compared to taking your purse and dumping everything out. Once it’s all out on the table you have no choice but to sort through it all and get what’s needed back into place. Also, it gives you a chance to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. Like the crumbs. Why are there always crumbs in my purse?

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After researching the brain dump and what exactly it involves I’ve come to the conclusion that there are basic steps to a brain dump. Different people call them different names but it’s always the same basic idea. So without further ado here are 5 basic brain dumping steps.

#1 Write It All Down

Like the purse the first step is to get it all out so you know what you are dealing with. So grab a piece of paper and your favorite thing to write with and get to work. You want to get down all those things that are on your mental to do list. Taxes, home improvement projects, thank you notes you still need to write, getter written down. To make this step less overwhelming try setting a timer for 5 min. or so. Of course if you need longer, go crazy. Get it all out.

#2 Walk Away

Good job you. You were able to write everything down and get it out on paper. Now, take a break. Walk away. That’s right it’s time to let all that stuff you wrote down just sit. A day away should be sufficient.

#3 Categorize

Now it’s time to make sense of all that STUFF you have written down. How you choose to categorize things is up to you. One option is to make 4 categories *Now *Soon *Later *If Time. Or you could try 3 categories like *Must *Want *Perhaps. Amazon even has a notebook to purchase to help you with the dump and the categorizing. Those categories are *Worthwhile *Worth Pondering *Not Worthy. So take your brain dumped list and file each thing into a category of your choosing.

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#4 Walk Away…Again

Yep, that’s right. Take a break. There is something about letting your mind rest and giving your brain time to process what you have just accomplished. This is the part of the purse dump where you’ve dumped and sorted and now you are getting ready to put everything back again in a more organized manner.

#5 Take Action

All your thoughts are dumped and categorized. Now it’s time to decide what you want to tackle first. Go through each category and number everything giving it a priority. Whether something is number one because it’s due date is coming soon or because it’s what has been put off the longest. Doesn’t matter. This is your purse/brain you get to decide. The act of giving all this stuff that you dumped order is empowering! Then get to it and start with #1 on your list and cross them off as you go.

We spend so much of our time getting organized in our environment and often forget about ourselves. Get your mind organized with a brain dump and be on your way to a happy healthier you.

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