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How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

The area under your kitchen sink is often a cluttered mess of household cleaning supplies, dishwashing stuff, and miscellaneous junk you don’t know where to store. And all of these things are awkwardly stored around pipes.

When it got to the point I was afraid to look inside my under the sink cabinet, I knew it was time to straighten things up. And now you can too! Check out these 5 easy tips for how to organize under your kitchen sink.

How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

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Ready to get going?  We have you covered step by step.  Let’s learn how to organize under your kitchen sink!

1. Empty the Area Under Your Kitchen Sink

As with any organization and decluttering project, the first step to organize under your kitchen sink is to take everything that’s currently under there out. Once the area under your sink is empty, it’s time to clean it. You may never have this area empty again, so take the opportunity for a good wipe down.

Empty under the sink

2. Evaluate How to Maximize Your Space

If you want to organize under your sink, looking at the now empty area should give you a chance to evaluate the space. How can you make the most of it?

Determine what size of organizing bins will fit best under your sink. See-through bins are best because it’s easy to see labels and other identifiers when you need to find something. If you are fitting bins around pipes, you may need multiple sizes.

Next, consider installing a tension rod under the sink. A tension rod can be used to hang spray bottles of cleaning supplies, cleaning rags, or gloves, all off the floor and easy to access.

Another great place to hang supplies under the sink is on the inside of the cabinet door. Add adhesive hooks to the backs of doors or walls inside the cabinet. These can be used for gloves, cleaning cloths, or scrub brushes.

Or you can choose to mount baskets or bins to the walls and doors to hold supplies. There may be ways to add drawers or bins that mount directly underneath the sink as well. The point is to keep things organized but accessible.

If most of your storage space is on the bottom of the area under your kitchen sink, consider a lazy susan to make everything reachable. Or stackable bins with the most used products in the top bins. Get creative!

Storage bins, hooks, and baskets do not need to be expensive. Many of these items can be found at dollar stores or department stores at a low cost.

3. Declutter Under the Kitchen Sink!

Before you put everything back under your sink, sort through it! Chances are this area has become a collection spot for household items you no longer use. I found expired products, sponges I wouldn’t use to clean anything, and product bottles that were at least 99% empty.

Before you put things away, pull out your trash can and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. What you’re left with at the end should be only the essentials for storing under your sink.

under the sink

4. Put Things Away in an Organized Way

Now that you’re left with the essentials, put them away. Take your time finding the right place to store things. Daily or frequently used items should be easily accessible. And with things neatly stored, everything should be easy to identify and find.

If you find you’re running out of space, consider adding more hooks and baskets on the doors and walls or consider other types of bins.

5. Give it a Test Run

Now that you have everything put away and organized under your kitchen sink, try living with it. After a big organizing project, you should love your new space! And it should be easy to maintain. You may find you need to move a few things around or add extra hooks and bins after a few days with your new organized system in place.

Still need to get inspired?  Check out these awesome under kitchen sink organization ideas to get you in the right mindset!

Once you have it all figured out for the kitchen, take this plan and apply it to organizing under your bathroom sink!

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