Newton is a Jerk

It seems like every time I have a super productive day, a day/night comes along right behind it to try and derail me.  On Monday I had a super productive day!  I woke up before the kids, exercised, read scriptures, said a prayer, checked the backups on all of our client servers for my job, fixed a virus on one of my client’s computers, and brought my daughter to swim class (all before 10:30 AM!).  The day continued on in a similar fashion.  I was able to get the database updated for my church job, cleaned all the bathrooms in the house, played with my kids, and finally did something for a website project for my brother!  I seriously felt on top of the world.  I was ready to take on the entire week.  I stayed on track with my diet, and really felt like I could wake up early and be that productive every day.

This is when the law of “equal and opposite reaction” comes into play.  In the middle of the night my 5 year old comes in and wants to sleep in our bed.  I let her for a little bit, cause I”m tired.  As soon as I get sick of the tossing and turning I send her back to her bed.  Then at 5:30 AM the 1 year old decides to wake up crying.  He very rarely wakes up before about 7:30.  I get him a bottle and try and put him back to sleep.  So now I’m awake and the kids are asleep, so it sounds like a great time to try and workout.  WRONG.  I try and eject the DVD from the DVD Player.  It’s stuck.  So after a little while I finally get it to peek out a little bit.  I grab some tweezers and extract the offending DVD.  Now I put in my workout DVD.  The player freezes up!  At this point I’m thinking to myself that I should just give up, and go to bed.  Clearly the world is working against me.  My kids AND my electronics are all telling me that I’m clearly not going to get anything done today, so I just need to give up now.

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I decided to proceed with the rest of my tasks.  I refuse to be derailed today after such a great productive day the day before!  After my husband woke up I was able to go for a run (I’m hoping the DVD player will have had time to think about what it’s done before my appointment with it tomorrow morning.)  It still seemed like all day the forces of nature were working against me.  I ended up working 8 + hours at my real job (the work from home help desk that has variable hours, as I only work when calls actually come in).  I got the kitchen cleaned.  Not as clean as I would have liked to, but I did get the dirtiest parts of the floor mopped.  That has GOT to count for something as at every turn either the dog, the 1 year old or my super “helpful” 5 year old were right there to walk through the freshly mopped areas.

I was still able to get just about everything on my to do list done.  I even did something on my to do list for this coming Saturday! 

Lesson learned: Kick that lame guy Newton in the teeth, and just keep trying even when it seems like the world is working against you and your to do list.  Find creative ways to accomplish your tasks when the world seems to conspire against you!

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