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Stellar Ideas For A Girl’s Night Out

Do you need a little time away? Gather your gal pals because it’s time for some fun. Read on for stellar ideas for a girl’s night out.

Get Out

Seriously the outdoors are where it’s at. If you live by mountains then find a hike to go on. Are you by a lake then rent some paddle boards or gather your fishing gear. If you are a beach dweller (lucky you) then go get your toes in the sand and find something to float on and do water yoga. Mostly us girls just want to talk so any activity that allows for lots of gab time is a winner. Plus who doesn’t love fresh air. It’s an amazing idea.

Stay In

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So maybe the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor get together. Never fear. There is lots of fun to be had on a girl’s night out indoors. Treat it like a slumber party and have a romcom marathon with lots of popcorn and Diet Coke. Paint some nails and order take out. If you are a crafting kind of group then work on a project. Break out some board games and cards. Let the good times roll.

Go Play A Sport

Another stellar idea for a girl’s night out is playing sports. It’s a good time when a bunch of girl friends join up to play a game. A group of us used to get together to play volleyball every Tuesday. I stink at volleyball but it was a blast. Go miniature golfing or bowling. If you are feeling adventurous try some laser tag or axe throwing. Join a dodgeball league. The fun is endless.

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Ya, its kind of a must for a girl’s night. Whether stopping to eat is part of the fun or its the main activity you can’t go wrong. Recently a bunch of us tried out a new shaved ice place that was AMAZING. Check out a cooking class or new restaurant. And never underestimate the power of chips and salsa from Chili’s.

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Learn Something New

There are tons of stellar classes offered by local community colleges day and night. My area has an adult hip hop class and tap dance that I have been dying to try. Take your girl friends to a paint class and make a masterpeice on canvas or a piece of pottery. Attend a seminar about something that interest all of you. Learning is a powerful thing and sometimes its more fun with friends.

Attend A Concert Or Play

Recently a girl friend and I attended a concert that was a tribute band for Tom Petty. So. Much. Fun. We were singing lyrics and the ones we didn’t know we hurried and looked up. It really didn’t matter what concert it was we were just having a good time being together and being silly. You could attend your community theater or a high school production or go big with a broadway show.

Whatever you choose to do the important thing is spending time with each other. So try one of these stellar ideas for a girl’s night out sometime soon!

Stellar Ideas for a Girl's Night Out

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