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12 Things You May Be Forgetting To Clean

Our lives are busy! There may be areas of our homes that we are forgetting to clean. Let us remind you!

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Are there places in your home that you are forgetting to clean? Take a look at our list and see if you are neglecting any of these areas.

Dishwasher Filter

Most dishwashers have a filter, or “food trap” that should be cleaned regularly. Typically, they are easily removed and can be cleaned with mild dish soap and maybe a little elbow grease if it’s been a while. But, before cleaning, be sure to check your dishwasher manual for proper instruction on cleaning. Can’t find the manual? No problem, you should be able to find it online using the make and model number.

Ceiling Fan

When was the last time you cleaned the top of your ceiling fans? Use a long, bendable duster to clean this area regularly.

Light Fixtures

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Light fixtures throughout the home trap dirt, debris, and dead bugs! To be extra careful while cleaning your light fixtures, turn off the power first.

Ceiling Corners

Don’t neglect the area where the ceiling meets the wall; this area is prone to cobwebs. Grab your long duster and swipe it along the top of the ceilings. If you make this a part of your normal cleaning routine you’ll rarely see the cobwebs form.

Behind Furniture

This is an area that’s often neglected simply because furniture is hard to move around. Furniture sliders will make the heavy pieces easier to move so you can clean behind them. Or, invest in special attachments for your vacuum to get to hard to reach places.

Range Hood

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Whether you have a dedicated range hood or a microwave with a vent above your stovetop, you’ll need to take time to clean it. The area above your stove top takes a beating and often gets a greasy build up that needs to be attended to regularly.

Air Vents

Speaking of vents, your air vents are often overlooked. They are simple to clean too. Just remove the cover and wash and dry. Vacuum the vent and replace the cover. Easy Peasy.


Speaking of vacuuming, have you ever cleaned your vacuum? It’s a good idea to do this every so often. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.


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TV’s, computers, and basically all electronics attract dust. Don’t forget to dust behind these areas. You can also buy special wipes to safely clean electronic screens. Keyboards also get pretty grimy over time, so don’t neglect them either.


Don’t forget about the baseboards and if you are looking for tips on how to clean them, check out our guide: How to Clean Baseboards without Breaking Your Back.

Stair Railing

Since it’s touched so often the stair railing definitely needs a good cleaning on the regular! Grab some furniture polish and get rid of all those fingerprints and germs.

Door Handles

The areas around door handles and even the moldings and walls around door handles tend to get dirty from frequent touching. Wipe down these areas with a damp cloth or a melamine sponge.

So, how did you measure up? Have you missed any of these areas in your home?



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