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Tips to Keep Your Kids Reading this Summer

Check out these amazing tips to keep your kids reading this summer! Great ideas to make it fun and get the whole family involved.

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Summer will look different this year as our kids go from distant learning at home to spending summer days having fun. However, keeping our kids interested in learning throughout the summer is still very important.

Reading is especially going to be of high importance so that reading levels and creative thinking can be maintained.  These ideas will help to keep your kids reading this summer.

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Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

Here are the top tips you need to keep your kids reading this summer.  If you follow these summer reading tips, you may even have your children asking for more books!

Make Summer Reading Fun

While it is great when kiddos take off with a love of learning early one, for some this isn’t always the case. Create a reward program for your kids to help motivate them to read. This can work for children that both love to read or ones that are more reluctant to do it outside of school.

For younger kids, create a sticker chart that allows the child to put a sticker on the board for each chapter or pages read. Once they get to a certain amount of things read, let them pick out a prize or experience to celebrate. For older children, reward overall books read with money or other rewards that interest them.

For example, if they read a book, take them out for an ice cream. You will have to adapt this for each individual child.

Create Interactive Literary Experiences

Many children’s chapter and picture books are set in real places with real characters. Why not provide your children with books that have these types of settings, so that you can take them to visit some of the places.

For example, if your child reads a book about trains then bring them on a road trip to see and even possibly ride on a train. Get create with this and keep it interesting.

Play Off of Interests

Hop on Amazon or down to the local library and pick up books that the kids have interests in. Get your child’s opinion on things they might want to learn about or the types of books they might want to read. Also, don’t limit reading to just books.

Consider magazines, comic books or graphic novels as a form of reading as well. Any genre or type of reading is a great when it comes to trying to keep your kids reading this summer.

Get the Whole Family Involved

The family that reads together has fun together! Make reading a fun competition between family members. Track each book or item each family reads and go back to the before mentioned reward system.

A healthy competition among family members is a great way to get everyone busy with reading. Another idea is to pass around books among members of the family. Depending on reading levels, some books can be shared with each member of the family. 

keep your kids reading this summer


Gather the entire family around at night and read a chapter of a family favorite, such as the Harry Potter series out loud. Let each child take a turn to read a chapter out loud. If a chapter is too much, allow them to simply read a page. Allow the children to act out a scene as it is read if any of them have a flare for it. 


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