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11 Things Every Sports Mom Needs in Her Car

If you are a sports mom always running to practices and games you know how much time you spend in your car! Be prepared with these items!

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sports mom carThere are times in every mom’s life where you start to feel more like a chauffeur than a mother. No one knows this better than a Sports Mom. Besides the usual driving kids to and from school, doctor and dentist appointments and activities, you get to add weekly practices, games, and tournaments to your schedule. It feels like your car is your second home. 

Even though it doesn’t have all the amenities of home, here are 11 things you can keep in your car to make packing your car more simple and less stressful for everyone.

Printed copies of sports schedules

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been unable to find the online schedule or location of a game. Then I had the idea to print the schedules and keep them in a folder next to the driver’s seat. It is a timesaver!

Compact waterproof Picnic Blanket

Whether you use it to sit on or eat a quick dinner, a compact picnic blanket can be useful in many ways. They aren’t big so keeping one in your car means even if you forget to grab folding chairs you’ll have something to sit on instead of the grass.

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Warm Blanket

Depending on the weather where you live, a blanket is a must-have! This can be easily stowed under a seat and is good to have in your car for emergencies anyway. 

Backup Sunscreen

As a caveat…when sunscreen gets heated above a certain temperature it’s protective properties start to degrade. Because of this, the sunscreen kept in your car should be a back-up but it is SO handy to have! If you run out of the house without putting the sunscreen on ahead of time, this sunscreen will save your kids’ skin (even if it is slightly degraded). 

Hat or visor

If you are rushing out of the house toting equipment and kids, sometimes you forget about what YOU need. If your kids’ sports are outdoors, stash a hat or visor for yourself. Not only will it protect your skin, it will also help you be able to see the game if you end up on the sunny side of the field. 

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First-aid Kit

With sports comes inevitable injuries. It feels so nice to be able to clean-up and bandage a hurt knee on the spot, whether it is your child’s or one of their teammates. There are affordable and compact first aid kits that fit nicely in your car. 


I always keep a clean towel in the car. A towel comes in handy for so many sports-related needs: wiping off sweat, wiping off mud, stopping the flow of blood, drying off bleachers…keep it stowed under a seat or in the back of the car.


I’m a firm believer that EVERY mom should have baby wipes at all times especially a sports mom! HAHA! Similar to the towel, the wipes will be your best friend for cleaning up all things muddy, bloody or sticky. 

Car safe snacks and water

During our heavy sports seasons, I have a container that I keep stocked up with snacks that are protein-packed for energy and can also handle car heat. Nuts, granola bars, and apples are great to have constantly on hand for hungry kiddos (or parents!). We are trying to shift to reusable water containers to waste less plastic, but I keep a few disposable water bottles in the car in case we forget to fill up and bring our bottles

Snack money

Cash is not something I normally carry around, but most snack bars and vending machines require cash money. I have a special coin purse that I keep filled with quarters and dollar bills so my littles can grab a snack during games. 

Reusable Tote

These fold up so tiny, and you can throw all the extra things you need inside so you can hustle to your game. 

Being a mom full of difficult days and arduous planning…but if you are a sports mom, keeping these 11 things in the car will make your sports days easier and more comfortable for everyone. 


11 things Every Sports Mom Needs in her Car


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