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4 essential places to minimize junk in your car

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Keeping the house clean is always on a mom’s to-do list, but the car can be a whole other story. Driving the kids to and from school, dance practice, play groups (and running errands in-between!) are tasks moms do on a daily basis, and it’s easy to let clutter take over your car as a result.

Let’s start with some problem areas where junk really builds up:

The center console

If you keep several small items in your car (such as hand sanitizer, chewing gum, lotion, pens), purchase a utensil tray for large consoles or pencil trays for smaller consoles to separate each. For those pesky little coins, re-purpose any small plastic container to put them in, such as an empty mint case, baby food jar (as shown in photo), or travel-size cotton swab case. Here is a great DIY organizer using plastic baggies to keep everything in one easy-to-see place.

The glove box

Start by sorting through outdated paperwork – registration and insurance cards, for example. For the documents you need to keep, use a cosmetics bag or pencil pouch to store them in. You can purchase several bags and keep different things inside each (one for napkins or baby wipes).


Pencil pouches can be used to store documents in the glove box

The floor

The floor of the car can get especially gross with children in the back. First off, get a designated garbage holder. This can be anything from a grocery bag that you take out regularly, a DIY custom bag,  or a plastic food container with a garbage bag lined inside. An old lunch bag is great because you can zip it closed to seal in any garbage odors.


Every car is built with organizing space that you can use to your advantage. Those pouches behind the seats can be filled with activity books and pencils to entertain children. Cubbies in the door can store cables held together with a twisty-tie or an emergency flashlight. Don’t let those provided spaces go to waste; utilize them to keep things off the floor or under the seat.

The trunk

We all have things we like to keep in the car. Maybe you need a blanket and stadium seat for your kids’ soccer games or your reusable grocery bags for trips to the grocery store.  You can purchase plastic storage bins, canvas storage boxes, or a mesh expandable laundry basket to stow everything in. If you would like some ideas on kits to make and stow in your car, check out this post.


It doesn’t take much money to have a tidy car; with a little creativity and determination, you can be well on your way to having an organized, clutter-free vehicle.

What tricks have you tried to minimize the junk in your car?

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