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5 Fantastic Card Games To Play With Your Kids

Whether you need a game for family game night or a camping trip these are 5 fantastic card games to play with your kids.

Great Card Games to Play with Kids

1. Taco vs Burrito

Box of the card game Taco VS Burrito


This game was a Christmas gift and we immediately fell in love with it.

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The point of the game is to be the one with the most points in your taco or burrito. You get points by putting ingredient cards (with a point value) into your taco/burrito.

Watch out because there are also tummy aches which take points away from your taco/burrito.

There are also a whole slew of specialty cards to make the game a little more interesting and allow for some strategy.

The game ends when someone runs out of cards. Check out the video below for all the details on this fantastic card game to play with your kids.

Watch how to play Taco vs Burrito here.

Number of players:

It’s a 2-4 player game. There are 6 in our family. So we just have to team up so we can all play at once.

What I like:

For starters it’s super entertaining just deciding if you want to be a taco or burrito! Even though it has nothing to do with the game other than it’s what you put your cards in.

This card game is simple enough to play with my 8 year old. Yet, it allows for strategy that my 14 year old can really get into.

With so many specialty cards there is always something you can do on your turn to keep the game moving along.

2. Trash


Another one of my 5 fantastic card game to play with your kids is the game of Trash.

Each player starts with 10 cards (face cards) faced down and you try and get them into numerical order.

Once you get a card and put it in its correct place you then take the card that was originally there and see if you can put it in its correct place.

The game continues until the first person gets all 10 cards in the right order.

When starting the next round the winner(s) of the first round only have 9 cards to get in numerical order. The game continues round by round until someone wins with only 1 card.

Watch how to play Trash here.

Number of players:

The best part about this game is you can play with 2 players or more. You just need to add another deck of cards for every 2 people you add to the game.

Why I like it:

The simplicity of this game makes it perfect for the youngest of players. Yet, us adults have found it to be pretty entertaining.

This game is less about skill and more about luck. Which is nice because it allows anyone to have a turn winning despite their skill level.

Our whole family can play this together. We just grab another deck or two of cards.

I like the multiple rounds. We have played a few rounds and then come back another day to finish the game.

3. Cover Your Assets

Box of the game Cover Your Assets with some of the cards displayed outside of the box.


Just the name of this game will get my kids giggling. In this fantastic kid card game you will be making matches.

This game gets devious because you will be trying to steal each other’s matches. When all the cards have been played everyone totals up their assets.

Keep track of everyones dollar amount at the end of a round. Rounds continue until someones total score reaches one million dollars.

Watch how to play Cover Your Assets here.

Number of players:

Cover Your Assets is a 4-6 player game. Although we have played it with just 2 of us and have still had a great time.

Why I like it:

Besides the kids getting a laugh at the name, they love trying to take each other’s cards. We get all excited as we watch 2 players battle it out over a match. Then cheer and squeal when one player triumphs.

This game allows for 6 players which is super nice for bigger families. If you have more than 6 players than its time to make teams again.

4. Spoons


You’ll need a deck of face cards and some spoons (one less spoon than there are players) to get this game started. Place the spoons in the middle of the group of players.

Each player gets 4 cards and is trying to get 4 of the same card. The first person is drawing and passing the cards around the circle.

Once someone gets 4 of a kind they grab a spoon. As soon as one person grabs a spoon everyone else quickly grabs a spoon.

If you aren’t able to grab a spoon you lose that round.

Watch how to play Spoons here.

Number of Players:

This game works best with at least 3 players. You can add as many players as you would like but you’ll need to add more decks of cards and more spoons accordingly.

Why I like it:

As you lose a round you get a letter (like in the basketball game PIG). I played this game with my husbands family before we were married.

I have never been so stressed out! The first person to spell PIG (or donkey, that’s what we were spelling) had to climb on the kitchen counter and bray like a donkey.

There was NO WAY I was going to lose. Blood was drawn as I clawed my way to grab a spoon.

I was victorious.

5. Phase 10

Box of the card game Phase 10.


Phase 10 is a rummy type card game where you are making runs and sets. Each round or phase tells you what you are trying to get to finish that phase.

There are 10 phases total and each player moves on to the next phase depending on if they finish their current phase before the round ends.

The round ends after the first person finishes their phase.

Watch how to play Phase 10 here.

Number of players:

Like so many games this game is for 2-6 players.

Why I like it:

The game continues to be interesting even with 10 phases because your goal changes depending on what phase you are in.

Strategy comes in to play but also its a little bit of the luck of the draw which keeps the game fun for all ages (7+).

Try one of these 5 fantastic card games to play with your kids. Not only are they just plain old fun to play but the quality time that comes from being with your kids is priceless.

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