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A Clean and Organized Fridge–Starting at the Top!

We all have places in our homes that are often neglected.  There are countless places in your home that could use some cleaning and organizing. Another place that is looked over time and time again is the top of the kitchen refrigerator. Even though the fridge itself is open and closed countless times per day – the top of it tends to go untouched and full of clutter and/or dust. If you want a clean and organized fridge–start at the top! Check out these helpful tips:

Assess the Situation

clean and organized fridge

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Pull up a chair or a step ladder if you are too short to see the top of it like me, and take a good hard look at what you are going to be dealing with. Are there magazines up there that haven’t been touched in a year? What about that darn screwdriver you were looking for a couple of months ago? The top of the fridge tends to be a catchall for all of the junk we want to keep out of the reach of small children or is a safe haven for the hope that we will come back to it soon even though we usually don’t. Maybe you have some snacks stored up there to keep them away from your cat or dog?

Take a good hard look at what exactly is up there. Some of the stuff may even make you have a little giggle as to where it’s been hidden for so long. Once you check it out, start taking it all down and putting it on a nearby table or countertop. The real work is about it begin!

Break Out the Cleaner

clean and organized fridge


If you haven’t touched the top of your fridge in a very long time chances are it’s going to need a good cleaning! Grab your favorite all-purpose cleaner and a roll of paper towels, get back on your chair or step ladder and get to work! Bleach wipes also work well. After you get all the dust off the top, it wouldn’t hurt to do another pass through with a cleaner with bleach to disinfect the area thoroughly. You may have to scrub the corners and edges a little harder to get off all of the dust and fingerprints that may have piled up since the last time you cleaned it.

Organize the Top

After the top of the fridge is nice and clean, decide what needs to go back and what doesn’t. Try to find a home for the items that were just hastily thrown up there. If returning items that you use often in the kitchen, then putting them back is a good idea! Consider purchasing a couple of small storage containers for items that make their way onto the top of the fridge.  That way they are easier to locate when needed. If you keep food on top, put everything in storage containers that allow you to pour out the contents efficiently.

Another helpful idea would be to line the top of your fridge with contact paper.  Some kind of cover will help cut down on the amount of dust and debris that will accumulate.  Also, try to be mindful of the amount of junk that collects up there too! If you follow these tips you will have an easier time keeping it decluttered and less mess in the future. The best way to have a clean and organized fridge is to start at the top!

A Clean and Organized Fridge--Starting at the Top!

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