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18 Balloon Decorating Ideas: DIY Party Decorations

Check out these awesome balloon decorating ideas for parties—there are so many balloon decorations to create a fun backdrop for any event!

Decorating with balloons is an easy way to bring a ton of color to any party, and there are unlimited party decoration ideas that use balloons.

Balloon Decoration Ideas: Drawing Inspiration

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One thing about searching for balloon ideas is that it is easy to get overwhelmed and slightly envious of the elaborate, gorgeous and likely extremely expensive balloon garland arrangments.

Instead of getting jealous or spending more than you are able to on balloons for a backdrop or massive arch (find out how much a ballon arch costs here), take inspiration from those images and create something that works for your budget and your desire amount of effort.

And if you are into making your own decorations, check out these Brilliant Homemade Pinata Ideas—15+ DIY Pinatas!

A great example of this is how Nikki at Tikkido styled the same Balloon theme party two ways for Festivities Magazine.

The first is more elaborate, with balloons creating an epic big top circus complete with fancy balloon twists and themed snacks, while the second utilizes the same colors and focuses on using larger balloons for a simpler approach.

Elaborate party setup with balloons and pennant garland hung in the shape of a circus tents with fancy balloon twists on a pole
Giant orange, yellow, blue and red polka dot ballons tied to a small party table

Both look great to us!

Balloon Decorating Ideas: Balloon Garland Backdrops

Balloon garlands like this charming champagne and pink backdrop from In Our Spare Time help create a gorgeous frame for dessert tables or other main focal points.

green, red, white and gold balloon garland with music notes hung over table with white linen and musical notes on table

This Christmas Piano Recital Balloon Garland from B4 and Afters gives us serious holiday vibes, and we love the touch of the musical notes hanging from the garland as well.

green, white and gold balloon garland hung over a doorway

Use as wall decor by making smaller versions and hang over doors, windows and mirrors. Mimosas and Motherhood has a great tutorial on how to make easy balloon garlands for parties like the photo above.

This type of garland would be perfect for a dinosaur birthday party as well!

Decorate a Seating Area with Balloons

Add Embellishments to Create Unique Balloon Decorations

Make a statement with a Giant Balloon, and add a touch of whimsy by entwining a floral garland like Nikki at TikKido did here.

giant pink ballon with floral garland on the string shot from below

Create Shapes with Balloons

Show some love with a gorgeous floral balloon heart backdrop—don’t worry, Julie over at Julie Measures has a full tutorial and it is easier than it looks!

DIY balloon backdrop in a shape of a heart with flowers

More Creative Uses of Balloons for Decorating

Use a balloon to make a DIY Pinata

You could also make a bunch of the balloon pinata forms to hang as decorations.

Mini Balloon Cake Topper

watermelon cake with balloon cake topper on a white cake stand

Using balloons as a cake topper is a unique and totally budget-friendly way to bring an element of surprise to a party.

This cute watermelon balloon tutorial is a great DIY for a watermelon-themed party in general but we especially love the ones used to decorate a cake!

Paper Mache Balloon Ghosts

DIY balloon ghosts hanging from a tree
These spooky little fellas would be great for a Halloween party!

Make DIY Themed Party Balloons

Themed balloons are one of the easiest ways to create a theme birthday party on a budget, but sometimes the selection isn’t all that great.

Instead of buying what is available, try making your own with construction paper and printable elements, like Cutefetti did on these adorable Powder Puff Girls Balloons:

DIY powder puff girls balloons inflated at a party

We are adding new balloon decorating ideas all the time so check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

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