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Beat the winter blues with a bird feeder project!

Does winter have you feeling a little blue?  I am definitely ready to move into spring, but here in Utah we have many weeks of winter to push through.  One of my favorite things about spring is being woken up by a loud crowd of birds in the tree near our bedroom window.  Birds equal spring to me so I decided to tackle my winter blues by making some bird feeders and adding some color to my front porch.  I don’t know how many birds I will actually attract, but it did turn out colorful and fun.

I love flower gardens and spend a lot of time working on mine in the spring and summer.  This is my sad mini rosebush right now.

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And, once I took the Christmas decor down, my whole porch area was looking very dreary.


Saturday, I used a tutorial I found here to make this fun bird seed wreath.


It was so easy!  Next, I picked up a saucer and plate at our local thrift shop.  I used gorilla glue to cement them together to create this bird feeder.


I put them together on my porch along with a colorful cushion and pot I found at Hobby Lobby.  *tip:  I also tucked some dryer sheets behind the ribbon on the wreath and underneath the plate to keep the deer away.  I don’t know if deer like bird seed, but they did eat the greenery I had out for Christmas (and it was fake!).  Dryer sheets really work — I put them under my flower pots in the spring.


I love how it turned out . . . so much happier!


If you want to involve your kids with a bird feeder project you can use the same recipe and make smaller feeders using cookie cutters.  Make sure to spray the insides with cooking spray.  Insert a straw in the top to create a hole for hanging.


When they are dry (about 2-3 hours), use some twine or colorful ribbon to make a hanger.


These could hang anywhere from rain gutters, trees, railings, even swing sets.

I’m still waiting to see if the birds come, but either way I feel a little more spring when I enter my home.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.53.42 PM

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