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Best Party Favors for 1 year olds

One of the fun parts of planning your baby’s first birthday bash is trying to come up with a great list of party favors for 1-year-olds to give out at the end of the event.

You’ll want to think about what kind of theme you are planning for the party and then try to find favors that tie in with it!

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How do you find cheap, yet good quality party favors for 1 year olds? Where can you go to find these items? Here are a couple of tips that will help you out

mother and baby at baby's first birthday party with table of cake, foods and first birthday party favors for 1 year olds

Some of the best 1 year old parties are based on a certain theme, like animals or cars and you can easily find small gifts that go along with that theme.

It’s never too early to think about party favors for 1 year olds. In order to get personalized party favors for example, you need to start planning a few months in advance of your event date.

This will give you time enough to find the perfect item or items that are just right for your little one and their friends!

Party Favors for 1 Year Olds

Here are a few things to take into consideration when it comes time for shopping:

1. What kind of theme would work best for your event and why

2. How many guests are attending the event

3. What is the age range of all guests

4. Do we want something edible or nonedible

5. Do we have a budget limit set in place before buying anything at all

Let’s break down those different points.

How many children are attending?

You need to think about how many people you are inviting to the birthday before you buy party favors for a 1 year olds party. If you only have a handful of people coming, then it is likely that any old party favor will do the trick.

group of three women sitting on couch with a 1 year old celebrating the baby's first birthday with presents and noisemakers

On the other hand, if you’re having a large gathering for your one year old’s birthday bash, then you might want to consider ordering more than enough favors!

A great tip is to buy 2-3 extra favors in case any get lost or thrown away. You never know when you’ll need it!

What is the age range of all guests?

Also think about what kind of age range are going to be attending the party. Make sure you have an idea of the ages for all your guests, including yourself and the birthday boy or girl’s parents!

It is a good idea to have more than one option so that you can always pick out the best item for your needs.

Commonly, 1 year old birthday parties might just be close family or a few friends, so it’s not as important to have a ton of party favors for them.

If you’re having 20 kids over, then you might want to buy more than what you think is necessary. You can always keep extras in case one gets lost or thrown away!

Do we want something edible or nonedible as party favors for toddlers?

I’d suggest getting something nonedible for your little guests, since they have a tendency to get messy.

However if you want to have little birthday party treats in their goody bag you can include individual bags of goldfish or animal crackers, or applesauce pouches.

When to order party favors for toddler’s birthday?

It’s never too early to start thinking about party favors for 1 year olds since you can buy most party favors online and have them shipped right to your home.

However, you need to start planning a few weeks in advance of your event date if you want to order personalized party favors!

What kind of party favors are best for 1-year olds?

small child chasing bubbles as a mother blows them outside in the background
  • Toy figures
  • Small Stuffed Animals

    Mini stuffed animals can be purchased in bulk from Oriental Trading.

    For example, if you are having a jungle safari themed party for your son or daughter and you can purchase some really cute animals as the favors.
  • Stickers
    Puffy stickers or 3D stickers are a great choice for little fingers.
  • Balloons

Simple helium filled balloons can work, or you can set aside some money and buy up some really cool shaped or themed balloons beforehand.

The next day, all you have to do is take them out of the package, blow them up and you’ve got an instant party favor! If you have time, then this is a great idea.

  • Bubbles

Bubbles are a great party favor for 1 year olds. These come in various colors and arrays of shapes, from round to square and even a heart shape!

Bubbles are easy to carry around in small containers that will fit in your purse or diaper bag.

You can also buy label tags with the birthday boy or girl’s name on the container so that guests know who it is for.

… Make sure you buy party favors that are age appropriate.

These items are easy to come by and not too expensive, so you can get them for a decent price from any dollar store.

However, if you’re looking for something unique or special that will make the party extra special, then you might try ordering some personalized stickers, name crayons, or other special items found online!

Where should I get my party favors for 1 year olds?

Party favors for 1 year olds can be found online, at your local toy store and even in a dollar store. The best party favor is one that the child will enjoy or find interesting and memorable.

There are tons of great inexpensive party favor ideas that are easy to find at any dollar store. Here is a video was some quick favorites!

If you want something a little bit more personalized, however, you could order specialty favors online. You only need one of these items per guest, which doesn’t make it terribly expensive.

However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you can find inexpensive party favors at your local dollar store, Target dollar spot, or in bulk at a party supply store.

You should also make sure all of your guests know what age range they’re attending before finalizing the purchase.

These tips may help you decide on which items would work well as party favors for 1 year old’s birthday bash!

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