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Easy Household Plants For Those With NO Green Thumb

Having plants in your home is a known way to increase the air quality and bring a little life (literally) from the outdoors.  But what about if you are one of those people who seems to kill every plant that comes within watering distance?  The good news is that there a number of plants you can keep at home that don’t require much more than air and a little bit of water (even if you always seem to forget the last part).  This list of easy household plants will give you some hope in your ability to keep plants alive even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Philodendron cordatum (Heart Leaf Philodendron)

A tropical vining plant from Brazil, the philodendron cordatum will climb up other structures, such as trees or a trellis.  They prefer shade so you want to keep them out of direct sunlight which will also help the soil stay moist.  They are very low maintenance plants.

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hanging house plant

Philippine evergreen

The Philippine evergreen is an easy-care household plant because it doesn’t need a lot of sunlight and can stand to not be watered for a while.  The leaves are two-tone and do well in pots.

Snake plant (mother in law’s tongue)

Another great plant for purifying the air in your home, the snake plant is very low maintenance and can go weeks without being watered and still look fresh and alive.  There are many different species of snake plant varying in height from 8 inches up to 12 feet.


Spider plant

Spider plants are great at filtering indoor air.  They can grow in a container or a hanging basket and tolerate all types of light and don’t mind if you miss watering them for a week.  They are called spider plants because of the way the long leaves look like spider legs.

Aloe vera

While some succulents can be difficult to grow and maintain, aloe vera plants generally do well indoors. They especially do well in areas where it is too cold to have them grow outside year round.  It prefers the sunlight and you can also use the aloe for burns.

Dieffenbachia (dumb cane)

This is one of the easiest and most common household plants.  The leaves are interesting with shades of green, cream, yellow and white.  While these plants still need water, they actually prefer to be on the drier side of things. This is good news for those of us who are constantly forgetting to water our plants.

Dracaena Sanderiana (lucky bamboo)

You’ve probably seen this plant in stores.  The stems can be woven, braided or twisted into different arrangements.  You actually don’t even need soil for this plant.  It will stay happy as long as you keep the roots submerged in water.

bamboo houseplant

Whether you are trying to liven up a space in your office, apartment, home or just give a nice housewarming gift, there are a lot of choices out there for you to pick from.  Many of the ones listed above have different species that are also easy to care for and will provide you with beautiful foliage.

Easy Household Plants for Those With NO Green Thumb

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