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Easy Tea Party Food and Decor

What better way to spend the day than eating bite sized snacks. Check out these fabulous ideas for easy tea party food and decor that will please adults and kids alike.

Simple Ideas for Tea Party Food and Decor

Let’s start with the items you would need to do your own afternoon tea. First things first, you will want something to drink. Then some snacks that are savory and some treats that are sweet. Finally, a tray to set them on and a tea set to enjoy them with.

Tea Party Drink Ideas

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An obvious choice for a drink at a tea party would be tea. Yet, there are so many other fun things to drink. Especially if you are hosting for kids you will want some alternative drink ideas.

Hot chocolate being poured into a tea cup. Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Consider serving types of hot/cold chocolate at your tea party. Check out this recipe from Tastes Better from Scratch for some amazing cold chocolate.

Or take your regular hot chocolate mix and spice it up by adding in flavored creamers like cinnamon, vanilla or caramel. These can be purchased at your local supermarket.

Finish it off with some whipped cream or marshmallows and you have yourself a wonderful tea party drink.

Bottles of specialty soda.
Vintage Sodas

Another fun drink option would be to serve a specialty soda. Something locally made or a different flavor than usual.

Last but not least, an easy tea party drink is made by taking any juice (concentrate or bottled) and combining it with 7-Up or Sprite. My go to juice when making this drink is grape juice.

Savory Tea Party Snacks

The savory snacks are often found on the bottom tier of your tea party tray. Some say this is where to start when eating and then work your way up to the upper sweet layer.

A common savory snack is the mini sandwich. Try making your usual lunchmeat or grilled cheese sandwich and then cut it out with a cookie cutter into a fun and tiny shape.

Use a cupcake wrapper to store some trail mix or Chex mix in. You could add some flavored pretzels or nuts to your savory tier as well.

A big hit with the kids is to use Pizza Rolls as one of their savory snacks. There are also pizza bagels that would be a welcome snack at any tea party.

For the more refined taste buds make this puff pastry recipe from Pure Wow for Italian Pinwheels with cured meat and cheese. They are sure to wow your party goers.

Sweet Treats

The top tier of your tea party tray is where you can serve your tasty sweet treats. Any sugary confection in bite sized form is a perfect fit for this delicious layer.

Cupcakes are a welcomed addition to your tea party. You can make them at home, buy them at the bakery or pick some up at the grocery store. There are even different sizes so you can make/buy the tiny bite sized ones.

You can keep them simple or add fillings and fancy frostings to take them up a notch. The choice is yours and is sure to please your guests.

Donuts can never be wrong. They are the perfect pastry to add to your tea parties top tier. Smaller is better so just grab a bag of Hostess donettes from the store in a variety of flavors.

Stack of donuts with pink icing and sprinkles.
Photo by Dessy Dimcheva on Unsplash

Want another version of the donut? Why not add donut holes to your tea party.

A mini cream puff would certainly add variety and appeal to your tea party tray. You can make your own tiny puffy pastry by following this recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen or head to your closest Costco to buy the little guys bulk in the frozen foods section.

Plate of mini cream puffs.
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash
Box of Pepperidge Farm variety cookies.

When all else fails a fancy cookie will save the tea party day. Pepperidge Farm has TONS of cookies that would make any tea party tray look fancy. Try one or two or more!

If you’re looking for something really special to serve at your tea party, whip up a batch of these delicious blackberry cookies

Tea Party Tiered Tray

There are all kinds of fancy trays to purchase online or in the store. There are also TONS of tutorials on how to make tiered trays with things from the dollar store.

For this tea party a simple tiered tray made from paper plates and a paper cup is perfect.

Tiered tray made out of paper plates and a paper cup.
Use a 9 inch and 7 inch plate with a 10 oz cup to make a tiered tray.

Start with 2 different sizes of paper plates. A 9 inch plate works well for the bottom tier and a 7 inch plate makes a good top.

Next, grab a 10 oz. paper cup. You can choose to do all 3 parts in the same color or mix it up depending on your tea party colors.

To assemble the tray the first step is to hot glue the wide mouth side of the cup to the right side of the bigger plate. You’ll want to keep it centered.

Second, hot glue the bottom of the cup to the bottom of the smaller plate. Once again making certain it is centered.

Once the glue is cooled you can add your snacks on bottom and top. Each tea party goer can have their own tray with snacks or they can share 2 to a tray.

Tea Sets

You can use any type of cup and plate for your tea party but for the full effect you need a tea set.

You can find a variety of tea sets on line. Like the one below for the kid’s tea party.

A pink polk-a-dot children's tea set.

Need something for the bigger kids (adults) how about this set?

An adult porcelain tea set.

A tea party is a fun event to plan for and even more fun to participate in! Pick a drink, add your favorite savory snacks and choose some yummy sweet treats. Put them on your paper tiered tray and you are almost finished. Finally, choose your cups and plates to serve your tea and snacks on. Your guests will be delighted to come to your tea party!

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