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I’ve mentioned before that we’re building a new house. It’s so fun and almost surreal to see our plans becoming a 3-D reality. We’ve been really lucky because we’ve been able to draw up our own plans with an architect, hire our own contractor and make changes along the way.

This post is about my favorite house feature. It is a hole in the wall. You read that right.

You already know I have a touch of OCD so you may be able to imagine how much pleasure I get from knowing our laundry room will be right next to the master bedroom and central to all of the bedrooms upstairs. But the hole in the wall is where I take my organizing passion to a whole new level.

Here’s the plan… The master closet shares a wall with the laundry room. I’ve measured out shelves in the closet just right for the height and width of laundry baskets. The third shelf up is backed by a hole in the wall so I can push the laundry basket right through into the laundry room.

I’ll have color-coded laundry baskets (white for whites, blue for jeans, etc.). Dirty clothes go right into the appropriate color. I NEVER have to sort laundry! I’ve already been doing this at my current home but now I’m adding a hole in the wall and I can’t tell you how ridiculously happy it makes me!

My husband thinks I am completely ridiculous that I can’t walk the five steps around to the laundry room. He just doesn’t get it. You guys do though right? Seriously, don’t you all wish you had a hole in the wall now?

I was trying to explain this system to our contractor and finally had to take him into our current master closet to show him what I meant. He walked into the closet and said, “Wow. You guys are really organized.” Picture me. Beaming. (See picture from last post.)

What are your little “ridiculous” organizing things that make you giddy? I love to find new systems that work for me, that stream-line my life. Have you ever gotten a “you’re organized” compliment? Feeds the ego/organizing addiction doesn’t it?

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  • I would never think of the hole in the wall. The most “organized” that I get, is each kid has a laundry basket so when I pull clothes out of the dryer I put them in their laundry basket. Of course the plan was to be able to just take that basket to their room and put it away. But the putting away part doesn’t happen very often so when the kids need clothes, I just say go and look in you basket.

  • I am totally stealing the hole in the wall. Right now I have a 3 section laundry thingy in the master closet, so things are sorted as they are removed, and I can just run the load I want to. But the hole in the wall is awesome! I wash the boys clothes together, and they have to separate. DD’s are washed on their own. I don’t separate their clothes anymore. I am in the process of changing all sheets to white…I can bleach them all, then. And really, if the bed is made, no one sees them, and most colored sheets I’ve owned fade anyway. When my PT job ends I will go back to the cleaning schedule I had in place before. I love being anal.

  • Amy H – you should try putting the kid’s dressers in the laundry room. Since I happen to know your particular laundry room is big enough and since the kids are already going down there to get dressed anyway… You’ll be amazed how much cleaner their rooms stay with dressers and a hanging rod in the basement. But I say, whatever works!

    Kris – I love the white sheet idea – inexpensive and organized! Your laundry system sounds great! (I agree though that you should definitely add a hole in the wall.)

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