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How To Make Your Home Smell Fresh

We all want a fresh-smelling home; here’s how to get one!

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Before grabbing your favorite air freshener or filling your home with fragrant flowers, make sure you aren’t just covering up odors.

You’ll want to get to the source of any unpleasant smells and take care of them first. Once you rid your home of the culprits causing sour smells, your home will smell fresher than ever. Then, you can enhance that with your favorite candles, sprays, or plugins. 

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Smell Fresh:


Wash sheets and bedding frequently. For drapes and throw pillows that can’t be washed, spray with a deodorizing spray like Febreeze. Keep dirty laundry in a hamper with a lid. If the hamper has a fabric liner, be sure to wash that regularly as well. 


In addition to cleaning regularly, make sure you hang up towels so they don’t get musty and smelly. Another trick to keep the bathroom fresh is to spray a little cleaning spray in the bottom of the toilet bowl brush holder. 


A quick way to make your kitchen smell better is to take the trash out every night – even if it’s not full yet. Also, be sure to keep the inside of your trashcan and recycling bins are clean and free of trash or food debris.  And, no more soaking pots overnight!

Even full of soapy water, they can still leave an odor waiting for you the next morning. If your sink smells sour, toss an orange peel in the garbage disposal to make it smell fresh again. 

Which Cleaning Supplies Should You Use?

When shopping for cleaning supplies, pick ones that work well of course, but also choose ones that smell good to you! After wiping down counters and bathrooms, the scent from the cleaning supplies will linger so be sure you really love the smell.

Get Rid of Stinky Shoes and Gear

When possible, store stinky shoes and funky sports gear in the garage so those smells don’t even enter into the house. If not possible, attack the stinky shoe problem!

Wash the offending sneakers and use a deodorizing powder each day. For sports gear that can’t be washed like karate pads and duffle bags, hang outside in the sun and fresh air. Also, use a deodorizing spray as long as it won’t damage the gear. 

Keep Up on Pet Care

Don’t let pet smells overtake the house. Scoop the litter frequently, clean up accidents thoroughly, wash pet beds,  vacuum regularly, and take the dog to get groomed. 

Harness the Fresh Air

When possible, freshen up the smell of your home by opening your windows to let the fresh air in. Hang laundry outside to dry too! You don’t even need a clothesline; just take your drying rack outside and hang your wet clothes in the sun.

Use a Natural Air Freshener

Did you know you can make a natural air freshener using a halved out orange filled with salt? There are also lots of recipes for simmering orange or lemon peels with other natural ingredients on your stove to make your home smell great! 

Candles, Sprays, and Plug-Ins

Once you take care of any issues that might be causing bad smells in your home, you’ll probably notice it already smells fresher in your home! Taking care of those problems might be all you need to do to enjoy a fresh-smelling home.

But, if you’re looking for a little extra, now’s the time to add your favorite candle, plugin, or air freshener spray. Just be sure you aren’t using these to cover up any issues that are causing your home to smell less than fresh. 

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