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Outside Chores For Kids

Warmer weather is a great time to change up the chore list. Kids (and adults) tend to get bored of doing the same chores over and over, so it’s a good idea to change it up from time to time. Once the weather is warm, why not find some outside chores for kids? It’s a great way to teach them new skills, plus it gets them off their electronic devices and out in the sunshine.

Check out our list of outside chores for kids.  There are plenty to choose from and options for all ages.

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Sweep Porch or Deck

This is a great job for young children. My kids love sweeping, but when they sweep the kitchen floor, they somehow make more of a mess! Sweeping a porch or a deck is a simpler job for kids and satisfies their desire to use the broom.

Pick Up Sticks

Picking up sticks and branches is another great one for small kids. Motivate them by telling them you’ll use the sticks to make a fire for s’mores!

Water Plants

outside chores for children


Let your kids be in charge of watering. Whether it’s vegetables in containers, an entire garden, grass seed, or a new plant, kids will love to grab the watering can or the hose and get a little wet while doing their chores.

Pull Weeds

No one really likes pulling weeds, but if the whole family helps out, it gets done quickly. Plus, involving children in this chore gives you an opportunity to teach them which are weeds, and which ones aren’t!

Plant Flowers

plant flowers with kids


Buying flowers and planting them is so fun, kids won’t even know this is a chore. Teach them how to properly plant flowers and let them get dirty alongside you.

Take Care of Vegetable Garden

outside chores for kids

If you have a vegetable garden, or herbs and tomatoes in containers, your children can be in charge of the maintenance. They can weed, water, and harvest. They might even be more inclined to eat all their veggies since they got to grow them!

Mow the Lawn

outside chores for teens

If you have teens, they can be responsible for taking care of the grass. Teach them how to safely use the lawnmower and weed whacker. This is also an excellent time for them to learn about small machine maintenance.

Clean Out the Garage

About once a year, my family does a big garage clean out since our garage tends to be a dumping ground for items that do not actually belong in the garage. Make this an annual chore and get the whole family involved.

Now it’s time to get the kids outside to tackle their new chores and enjoy the warmer weather too!

Outside Chores for Kids


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