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Mindful Eating for Succesful Weight Loss

This book shows you WHY you are overeating so you can finally stop for good!

Never before in human history have we been eating with so many things competing for our attention.  As a result, we are eating more calories than we could ever need.

Eating with purpose is the answer!  This strategy will allow you to eat your favorite foods mindfully, not feel deprived, stick with your desired eating plan, and finally lose weight!

We teach you all the tools you need to practice mindful eating in a chaotic and distracted world!

You CAN stop overeating, and you can do it without

  • Cutting carbs
  • Eliminating sugar
  • Eliminating flour
  • Drinking protein drinks
  • Buying crazy and expensive supplements
You can lose weight, even with a busy life!  The steps in this book make it possible for you, no matter where you are starting from.

What you get from this book:

  • The science and advice about Mindful eating that will change your mindset forever!
  • The daily habits that have the power to make permanent behavior change.
  • 40 days of journal prompts and pages for you to print and write on. This is essential to learn why you are eating, and why you can’t stop!
  • My 40 day journey!  This inside look into how I felt over the first 40 days will motivate you to keep going!
  • 40 days of weight loss affirmations.  Choose 1 for the full 40 days, or a new affirmation every day!
  • 40 Day chart for tracking. Print, laminate, and post on your fridge. 40 Days is enough time to see results, yet a short enough time to stick to it!

Finally seeing weight loss results after years of dieting!

As I began to pay attention, an interesting thing changed. I started realizing I didn’t like some foods I thought I did. I started noticing that I wasn’t paying attention to how much I ate.  The more distracted I was while I ate, the MORE I ate!  This book changed EVERYTHING for me and allowed me to reconnect in a way I didn’t think was possible!


I don’t Like slowing down so I was surprised I could eat mindfully at all!

I never thought I’d understand mindful eating because I don’t like slowing down. I was the opposite of what I considered mindful!  But now that I have figured it out, I am finally free from food obsession. Long gone are the days I spent all day planning what I was going to eat and thinking about my next meal..  Reading, listening to podcasts, and trying a new diet a month was wearing me out!  Now, I truly feel like it’s easier to enjoy life!  And as a bonus- I STILL LOVE FOOD, but now, food brings me pleasure, while effortlessly eating less and seeing weight loss results.