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Ways To Make Dad Feel Special On Father’s Day

Looking for some fun ways to make dad feel special on Father’s Day? Look no further. Get celebrating with these great ideas for Father’s Day.

Car Track T-Shirt

Dad would love a nap or a back scratch for Father’s Day. Why not give him both. Make (or purchase) this car track t-shirt. Dad gets to have a nice rest/nap as your little ones drive cars on the car track t-shirt. He also gets a nice back scratch from those car tires. It’s a win win.

Father’s Day Questions

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I’m a big fan of these fill in the blank Father’s Day cards. Kids of any age can join in and fill in the blanks for their dad. This would be a fun thing to do each year and see how everyone’s answers change as the years go by. Dad would definitely feel special to receive this free printable filled out on Father’s Day.

A Day Of Favorites

Start the day off right with Dad’s favorite breakfast. Move on to Dad’s favorite activity and then break for Dad’s favorite lunch. Leave some time in the afternoon and let Dad do his favorite past time. When dinner comes around its Dad’s choice. And don’t forget dessert. Of course he’ll be spending the day with his favorite people (YOU)!

Budsie Doll

Any Dad would feel special to have a doll made to look like him so that his littles can snuggle him anytime even when he’s not around. will do just that. Send them a picture of Dad and they will recreate it into a plush doll that can be loved and squeezed. It’s a gift that will warm everyones heart.

Award Ceremony

If you need an idea to make Dad feel special plan him his own awards ceremony! The kids and I tried this a few years ago. It started with a formal invite to attend the ceremony. One of the kids conducted and they each participated. Some said nice words and others performed a silly song. At the end we presented him with an award (his favorite juice with a ribbon stuck on it).

Secret Message Tie

Giving a tie for Father’s Day is an oldy but a goody. Why not take it up a notch this year and add a secret message to the tie. It’ll make it that much more special when he wears it!

Post-It Notes

Dad would feel extra special on Father’s Day if he woke up to a house filled with love. Love in the form of post-it notes that have been stuck all over. Each note has a reason on it that Dad is loved. He brushes his teeth, post-it note. Opens the fridge, post-it note. Grabs the remote, post-it note. There is no way to not feel special with love notes ALL OVER the place.

Father’s need to feel special too. So try out one of these ways to make dad feel special on Father’s day. He’ll be glad you did!

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