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Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Closets–Based on Their Age

Children learn from a young age how to do household chores or help out around the house. Most often, they will fight tidying up when they are very young.  It is all the more important to instill the importance of organization and cleaning up after themselves. These skills tend to carry over into adulthood. While all areas of the house are important to show children how to organize, one area they can help with is their closets. Here are a few easy ways to organize your kids’ closets based on their age:


baby clothes kids' closets

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Babies come with a lot of stuff! We all know this, but the real question is where do you put all of it? The same thing goes with toddlers. It seems like relatives are always buying babies and toddlers clothes.  Even when they aren’t even close to wearing the next size up. One of the best ways to organize the clothes your baby or toddler doesn’t quite fit into yet is to purchase a couple of totes to store the items until they will fit. Since totes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors it should be easy to find a couple that fit the space in their closet.

When you get ready to put out the new clothes, you can easily put clothes that no longer fit but you want to keep into the empty totes. Anything that you wish to save for keepsakes or future babies will stay in good shape in the airtight totes. Other ideas to keep the closets of your baby and toddler organized are baby sized hangers for those little outfits. Small wicker baskets placed on the floor or on shelves are excellent for storing shoes, socks or hats. Since this age group has such tiny clothing, there will often be additional storage room in the kids’ closets – this would be a good place to put extra baby lotion, diapers, wipes, and towels.

Preschool/School Age

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Once children enter the school system they tend to have a lot of clothes.  They are growing very fast during this time and have different events they attend and places they go regularly. From sports to church functions, they will have a variety of outfits that should be organized in different ways. Nicer clothing should be hung towards the back of the closet since it’s not likely to be used as often.

Everyday clothing such as t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans should be hung.  That way the clothes are easily accessible when they wake in the morning or need something warm to throw on when they head outside. Any shelving can be saved for accessories such as hats, belts and extra socks. If your child has a dresser in their room, items such as pajamas, undergarments, and shorts should be stored in the drawers.


teen closet

By the time your child is a preteen they likely have more clothes than you can keep washed. With ever-changing styles, growth spurts and everyday wear this age bracket tends to go through clothing super fast. Jeans never seem to go out of style, and your teen is likely to have numerous pairs. Therefore, these might be good to fold and stack on the shelves in their closet. Blouses, button up shirts and sweaters should be hung with adult sized hangers.  This will keep them looking smooth and wearable for longer.

This is the perfect age to teach your kids how to do their own laundry.  Showing them how to put their clothes away properly is an important life skill to learn at this age.  Other things your teen can do to save room in their closet is to alternate clothes out according to the season. Offseason clothes can be stored in totes and either stored in the closet itself or elsewhere in the house until the next season arrives.

Ways to Organize Your Kids' Closets--Based on Their Age



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