DIY Boot Storage

If I see muddy boots on my floor one more time I’m going to…

Well, I just don’t know.

Unfortunately no one is admitting to doing it, and I am starting to think it’s a joint effort around here.

I’m just going to nip this one in the bud right now with a simple book storage solution.

First, you need a box.

I am using this wood box made from scrap wood and masonite on the bottom. The great thing about this project is it’s just five simple pieces of wood that Home Depot could easily cut for you. You can choose your own measurements depending on how many pairs of shoes you want to put in it.

If cutting wood scares you just go buy a large shadowbox frame at a craft store. Take out the glass and glue the masonite inside. It would totally work too.

You also need river rocks. Hobby Lobby sells these bags for a few bucks.

I’m using a bigger bag from Lowe’s. I don’t need this many rocks, but it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. Kinda like buying granola bars at Costco. Your kids are never going to eat them all, but you feel better saving money in the end.

This part is optional. I have seen this boot storage idea with river rocks floating around on Pinterest. The only problem is the rocks  are not glued down, and I can just see my adorable two year old nephew chucking rocks at my head every time he comes over.

Bless his heart, he means well.

So, I am using a little mortar to glue mine down. You could use liquid nails or a hot glue gun. I want mine to look pro so I am going with mortar. Cement or Plaster of Paris would also do the trick. It’s all about what you’re comfortable mixing.

I ended up with about five cups of mortar and spread it all over the bottom with a spatula. It’s what I had, and may it rest in peace because there is no way I can use it near food again.

After that, lay out your rocks. Don’t worry about them being flat. The idea is for mud and water to run down the rocks so you want some depth to it.

Let it dry for 24-48 hours.

Voila! I tested every rock and they are secure. Take that nephew! I can’t wait to see you trying to grab these in vain!

Okay, that wasn’t nice.

I can’t wait to put this in my entry. It would be great for visitors to put their shoes in too.

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