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A Printable House Cleaning Calendar That’s Easy To Follow

A little while ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook asking for just a simple cleaning calendar she could follow. She mentioned that the ones she could find around the internet were either WAY too complicated, or not detailed enough. She just wanted tasks broken down to what she should do each day of the week.

I have been using an app to accomplish this, but I knew I could whip something up for her really quick based on the tasks I do within my app. I figured if she wasn’t able to find this around the internet, then I should create it and post it for anyone else looking for the same thing.

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Thus my basic cleaning calendar was born. While this calendar doesn’t necessarily get into the nitty gritty of everything you should probably clean in your house every week, it does give you a good idea about where to start. If nothing else, if you are able to check all of these boxes each week, you will be well on your way to a sparkling house.

I’ve broken out each day of the week (excluding Sunday) to a part of a standard house. Your home may have more rooms, or less depending on it’s layout and size. However, you should be able to hit the majority of your house with this calendar. You may have to add additional rooms to each day, or maybe you get an extra day off!

The Easiest Cleaning Calendar Schedule To Stick To

On Mondays I hit all of the bathrooms. Fortunately for me, my kids are old enough to help out. So they each get a bathroom, and I tackle the master bathroom.

Since the bathrooms are pretty involved, meaning there is usually a lot to clean, I do the Master Bedroom on Tuesdays to give myself a bit of a break. Our Master Bedroom is never that dirty, so it’s usually a quick day.

This leaves the really large job, the Kitchen, for Wednesday. Since it’s definitely the hardest room of the house, I like putting it in the middle of the week, although arguments could be made for switching it with the bathrooms on Monday to get it over with at the beginning of the week.

Thursday is another relaxing day, as the family room is usually just cluttered, and not very dirty.

I like to clean up my office on Fridays to keep it nice and clean for the weekend, so I’m ready to get back to work first thing Monday morning.

Saturday is a perfect day for outdoor chores and gives the kids a perfect time to get their rooms dialed in.

I’ve listed the basic things I do in each room, but feel free to change it up! If you just want to follow mine you can download it here….

Or for the blank version of the cleaning calendar you can download this one!

You can print a new one out each week, or to save paper just take it to the local copy place and laminate it. Sometimes I like to cut it up into sections and leave each laminated “card” in the appropriate room so anyone can grab it and start cleaning… like when my kids need to earn extra tech time for Fortnite by doing extra chores! Have I mentioned how much I love that game…. My house has never been cleaner!

Cleaning calendar

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