Puzzle Organization Tip

My son is obsessed with puzzles.  I mean OBSESSED.  He loves to play with puzzles for hours and hours.  By the time he’s done, I see a huge pile of puzzle pieces to help put away and organize.  Luckily we have a system in place to get that cleaned up in a snap.  Plus even at his young age, he can help put them away AND teach him matching numbers.

First, as soon as we open the puzzle we cut out the image of the entire puzzle from the box.

Second we get a ziplock bag and put a number on the bag (usually the next highest number from the last puzzle).

Third, we take a Sharpie marker and put that same number on every single piece of the puzzle.

Now the puzzle is ready to be played with!

This helps with two things.  First, in sorting through a massive pile of puzzle pieces, you don’t have to look at the picture and try to figure out which puzzle the piece goes with.  Second, later when you happen upon a puzzle piece that has wandered into the kitchen/bedroom/etc, you can easily put it with the rest of it’s puzzle pieces by just finding the bag with the right number!

So go an label your puzzles and you will always have them well organized!

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