The “Guest” Bathroom

First on a personal/technical note, my site was down for an extended period of time on Saturday, which is very unacceptable to me.  So, I’m changing my hosting company.  I was really busy trying to complete the switch this weekend, but it didn’t work out that way.  Pardon my dust over the next couple of days.  I am hoping it will be seamless to all my readers (my domain isn’t changing or anything, just my host).  I’ve almost got everything set up on the new site, and am really looking forward to making the switch.  Most likely it will occur late this evening.  Anyhoo… back to organizing!

I’m entering a new series!  This is the bathroom series, as each type of bathroom presents it’s own unique organizational challenges.  Today we start with the “Guest” bathroom.  This is typically your bathroom that is near the kitchen/family room.  It is usually just a toilet and a sink (I have no idea if that’s a 1/2 bath, 1/4 bath???, you understand though, right?)  This bathroom is very unique because it is probably the bathroom that gets used the most.  So what should you do with this one?  Well…

Keep it Stocked – This will help to eliminate any embarassing situations for you or for any guests you may have.  You really don’t want them to run out of toliet paper!  Make sure that under the sink you keep at least 1 extra roll of TP at all times.  Another good thing to stock is tampons!  This is good for you AND your guests.  I know I have been at someone’s house before with an “emergency” and it was so nice to look under the sink and see my salvation!  You never want your guests to have to ask for those things.  Especially once it’s too late!

Keep Soap – Should be a no brainer, but make sure there is always enough soap to use for the entire day at the begining of the day.  Again, you don’t want you or your guests to run out!  Along with soap I like to keep some lotion in there.  It makes it easier for me to keep my hands from drying out (I live in Utah, it happens quite quickly!). 

Magazines – OK, everyone does it!  We have a nice little rod iron magazine rack hung up on the wall right next to the toliet.  We keep only the most recent magazines in there, otherwise it will start to overflow. 

Candle or Spray – No guest wants to leave a stinky bathroom.  If you give them a method to make sure it’s smelling good after they walk away they will be very much appreciative.  I’m sure you will be grateful too!

Keep it Clean – This bathroom needs a bit more touch ups during the week than the other bathrooms.  Again, you don’t want to be suprised by a guest and then have a dirty bathroom!  So make sure when you notice dirt in there you take care of it right away (this is in addition to the weekly bathroom scouring that you should do).

There you have it.  Everything you need to keep that bathroom every guests dream!

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