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10 Easy Halloween Party Treats

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Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love the costumes, pumpkin decor, candy, and Halloween parties.  But I don’t love spending tons of time preparing food.  Who wants to be stuck in a kitchen making food when they can be out enjoying all the fall festivities? I have compiled a top 10 list of simple yet festive Halloween dishes that you can make in no time.

easy halloween party treats

  1. Graveyard Pudding Cups — This is definitely a favorite of kids and adults alike! The hardest part is writing “RIP” on the gravestones.  If that intimidates you, try just decorating the top with candy pumpkins or gummy worms. pudding cups
  2. Halloween Witch Hat Cookies — My sister does a witches tea party with her girls every year and she makes these adorable cookies.  Best part: no baking required!witches hats cookies
  3. Monster Donuts — I thought this was such a cute and easy idea to spice up your typical glazed donut.  Just add candy eyes and vampire teeth! vampire teeth donuts
  4. Brownie Cupcakes — Okay, so this one does require baking.  It is made from two different mixes (brownie mix and white cake mix) so still low effort.  I love how it has the festive Halloween colors.  brownie cupcakes
  5. Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins — Rice Krispie treats are so quick to make and what a great idea to shape them like a pumpkin! Love the simplicity of this treat. rice krispie pumpkins
  6. Severed Fingers in a Bun — This is a Halloween tradition in my family.  My mom even adds almond slices for fingernails.  A bit gross-looking? Yes, but perfect for Halloween.  severed finger hotdogs
  7. Frozen “Boo”-nana Pops — These cute ghosts are made from bananas dipped in chocolate.  Perhaps this is a slightly healthier treat then some you might find around this time of year.  banana ghost pops
  8. Gooey Monster Eye Cookies — This is another semi-homemade treat.  You use a cake mix as the base and add green food coloring.  Perfect for a monster-themed party.  monster eye cookies
  9. Mummy Donut Holes — These are a treat you can make in no time.  You buy donut holes at the store and dip them in chocolate to look like mummies.  This would be great for a class party!  mummy donut holes
  10. Caramel Apple Nachos — I’ve done spiderwebs with seven-layer dips but this one is even easier! I love that it is also a lighter alternative to some of the other intensely sugary things around Halloween time.  caramel apple nachos

Hope you enjoy making these recipes for your upcoming Halloween parties! Happy Halloween!

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