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10 New Ideas for Storing Cookbooks

Cookbooks can overtake your kitchen and home! If you don’t want to get rid of them, learn how many ideas we have for storing cookbooks!

storing cookbooks

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It’s okay- admit it. You hoard cookbooks. I know, I know, it can be embarrassing to admit that you have every single one of Ree Drummond’s cookbooks and you treat Barefoot Contessa’s books with as much respect as the Holy Bible.

For many people, it’s not uncommon to read a cookbook like you read a novel before bed. Cookbooks bring comfort and inspiration! Here are a few new ideas for storing your beloved cookbooks.


Simple Wire Baskets as Shelves.

These wire baskets cost just a few bucks. Swing by the hardware store for some hardware to secure the shelves on the wall and you are in business.


Ledge Shelving for Cookbooks.

Usually you see ledge shelves used for picture frames, but you can use them for cookbooks too. If you have a particularly large wall in your kitchen, a series of ledge shelves for cookbooks could create a really interesting centerpiece for your wall.

The Farm Chicks

Antique Dish Rack for Cookbooks.

Surely you have been to your local thrift store and seen old dish drying racks. Buy a cute dish rack and use it for your cookbooks! Not only is it darling, it’s also easy to carry as well!


Use up that tight space next to your fridge.

Books don’t take up too much space, so consider adding narrow shelving next to your refrigerator. This area in a kitchen is usually ignored, but as you can see, cookbook shelving could add a nice element to any kitchen.


Store your cookbooks in a handy little wheeled cart.

I have a serious love affair with craft carts, I’m up to four of them at my house.  These carts come in so many different colors you’re bound to find one you like.

You can order a craft cart online, or head to your local decorating or crafting store.


Use up that space above the kitchen sink.

Install a floating shelf above your kitchen sink and use it for cookbooks!


Put your cookbooks on top of your kitchen cupboards.

Most kitchen cupboards have a space above them between the ceiling. Don’t let that space be barren! Use it for cookbooks!


Take off the cabinet doors for open shelving!

A shelf of cookbooks can look really unique and pretty, so show it off! If you keep your cookbooks in a cupboard, remove the doors and show them off! And chances are, if you see them more often, you will use them!


Try a book rack.

Just like the ledge shelves, you can use a wall book rack for your cookbooks. When you use this style of book rack, you can even use it to hold your page open. Just open the book to where you want and put it in the rack. Now it is out of the way and ready to be used!


Don’t forget about the corners!

You can use corner shelving for cookbooks! This is a great way to utilize as much space as possible in your kitchen.

One last idea is to periodically put a cookbook on the kitchen table for your family to flip through. I like to do this so I can get some input about what kind of food my family wants to eat. Cookbooks are a great way to get family conversations going!

Home Decor - Storing cookbooks for organization, if you don't want to get rid of ANY!

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Karen Doll

Monday 14th of November 2016

I too LOVE cookbooks, Whitney :) !! I read them as if they were novels. I often borrow a half dozen each time I go to the library and actually feel teary eyed when it's time to hand them back in. And, like most ladies who love their cookbooks, I too am always on the lookout for easy and clever storage solutions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the antique dish drying rack idea!!!!! And, we also have a slender space between our fridge and the wall (hubby's home today, so guess where I'm going after I click, post comment :)) I also like the mobile cart and floating shelf above the sink. Oh boy, I can already see my husband's weary expression as I approach him with my newest DIY cookbook storage plans!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!