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10 Storage Ideas for Christmas Decorations

The holiday season is here, and it’s time to get creative and festive with our decorations! If you’re looking for clever and practical ways to store your Christmas decorations, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some of the best ideas for storing your ornaments, wreaths, garlands, and other holiday decorations so that you can keep your home looking festive for years to come. From space-saving hacks to stylish storage solutions, let’s explore the best ways to keep all of your Christmas decorations organized and ready for the holiday season with the best Christmas Decoration Storage ideas.

If you’re anything like me, by the time the holiday season is finished, you’re pretty much over it. I officially turn into the Grinch on December 26th. I love Christmas, but I’m ready for a fresh start when it’s done. Unfortunately, in my eagerness to say goodbye to Christmas,  I haphazardly throw all of my decorations into bins as fast as I can.

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I unceremoniously stuff everything into the garage and turn my back on the whole situation. I usually regret this decision the following year when it’s time to get everything back out again.

10+ Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

This year I’m turning a new leaf. I vow to be more organized with my Christmas decor storage. I’ve gathered 10+ genius tips for storing your decorations with ease, check them out below.

Places to store christmas decorations so they still look nice next year

1. Store wreaths on a coat rack

Sew Many Ways suggests attaching your wreathes to hangers and hanging them on a coat rack. Cover each wreath with a plastic bag to protect them from dust.


2. Store ornaments by color

If you have non-breakable ornaments, consider storing them in clear bins by color like The Homes I Have Made. This makes it super simple to find the right ornaments for the tree or garland you’re setting up.

I’ve also found that getting shatterproof Christmas ornaments makes for a less stressful holiday season. Between kids, pets, and random bad luck, it’s too stressful to have a fully decorated tree with so many breakable ornaments.

Grab those clear containers and pop them right on in, no stressing about them breaking in the boxes either. But, if you’re heart set on having those special fragile ornaments that may break, the best way to store them in wrapped in bubble wrap, plenty of tissue paper, or in containers that have individual compartments.


3. Use a hanging dividers for Christmas lights

To keep your lights tangle free, try this tip from Lowe’s. Bundle each string of lights with a Velcro fastener or zip tie, then label them according to their use. Store each bundle in a hanging closet organizer to keep them separated.

This would also be a great tip for keeping those extension cords cleaned up and tangle free, as well. All of those outside lights and blow ups sure need a lot of extension cords and this is the perfect way to keep them safely stored. Plus, when they’re in the closet, you’ll have easy access to them throughout the year for other uses. 


4. Create a Christmas decorating toolbox

Are you always searching for the right string and tape when putting up your Christmas decor? Another tip from Lowe’s suggests creating a Christmas decorating toolbox. You’ll have all the supplies you need in one container: extra bulbs, batteries, ornament hooks, and whatever else you need.

If you get a toolbox with removable trays, you can have smaller things organized on different levels and have everything ready to go at your fingertips for any decorating emergencies. 


5. Protect glass ornaments with coffee filters

This is a simple and affordable hack from the DIY Network. Coffee filters are soft, flexible, and cheap. Making them the perfect dividers for your breakable ornaments. Use several layers of filters with each ornament for extra padding.

You can do this with any delicate ornaments.


6. Store ornaments in empty egg cartons

Here’s another free way to store your ornaments – egg cartons! This idea is from Fun in the Making. No need to buy fancy ornament storage boxes when you can just raid your fridge.

Grabbing reusable things from around your house is an affordable storage hack that works very well.


7. Store your artificial tree in cardboard tubes

Here’s a simple idea to keep your artificial tree parts from getting smashed and damaged in a bin. The Family Handyman suggests using two or three 8-in.-diameter concrete form tubes, available at a home improvement store. Then, wrap each layer of the tree in twine and shove them down each tube. Mark the layer numbers on each tube so you know which order to put them together when it’s time to set up the tree again.


8. Use detailed labels for your Christmas bins

Attach labels to your bins and write down every item that’s stored in that particular bin. No more rummaging around for that certain snowman figurine, or opening every single bin to locate the Christmas stockings. I Heart Organizing even offers free printables if you want to use her label design.


9. Make your own ornament organizer box

One Good Thing by Jillee made her own ornament organizer box using plastic cups and a storage bin. Cut two pieces of cardboard to size so they fit nicely in the bin to act as cardboard dividers.

Then, using a hot glue gun, attach the plastic cups to each piece of cardboard. Layer the cup boards in the bin. This is one of the cheaper ways to make storage for your Christmas tree ornaments without breaking the bank.


10. Wrap christmas lights on pieces of cardboard

There’s nothing worse than tangled Christmas lights. This easy and cheap idea from A Real Life Housewife ensures your lights will be nicely organized and knot free for next year. Wrap each strand around a piece of cardboard, then tuck them in a box side by side. Voilà! 

You could even use leftover cardboard from any of the Christmas gifts that you got this year. 


11. Bonus way to store those wreaths- repurpose a coat hanger and dry cleaning bag!

Save those dry cleaning bags that you got your fancy Christmas dress and suit dry cleaned in and use a nice hanger that it comes with to hang those wreaths on and cover with the dry cleaning bag. 

12. Shrink wrap the tree

Yup, you read that right, you can literally shrink wrap your faux tree. We have seen people do it more and more on social media. Some people will store the ornaments then wrap up the tree without taking it apart. Store standing up and then literally unwrap the tree, fluff the branches, and redecorate the following year.

We have also seen a few families who used shatterproof bulbs and then used the wrapping to wrap the tree up, still decorated, and then stored it until the following year. We haven’t tried this ourselves, but we have seen videos of it working with other people doing it.

Just requires a little bit of extra time to fluff and fix any of the Christmas tree decorations once it’s unwrapped. A huge benefit of doing this is that it saves quite a bit of Christmas tree storage space and doesn’t require a big box or storage bag.

13. Invest in the traditional proper storage

​If you want to take the time and money to invest in the traditional ornament and wreath storage containers, boxes, and bags, you can do that. If you prefer to save a few bucks, check out any of our other ideas we shared above. 

​14. Store your small strands of beads in a bottle. 

Use an extra water bottle or sports drink bottle and feed your string of beads in it to save space. You can also wrap the string of beads around a cardboard tube like a pepper towel tube. It’s a great idea to pay attention to your usual trash to see if you can reuse it around the holidays. Just takes a little extra creativity.

15. Keep your garland in a plastic bag, wrapped around a piece of cardboard. 

Grab a large bag that can be sealed. Wrap the garland around a piece of cardboard and then plop it in the plastic sealable bag. This will help keep the garland in good shape and help keep it from getting dusty and tangled.

16. Store your wrapping paper properly. 

There are a few different ways to store your wrapping paper, gift bags, and gift wrap. A popular way is to use an old garment bag and stuff the tubes of paper in there. They also make wrapping paper bags and wrapping paper storage bins in different sizes depending on how many tubes of wrapping paper you need to store. 

17. Store ribbons in small plastic bins. 
Check out your local dollar store to find some of the smaller plastic bins to store your Christmas ribbons in. These smaller bins take up minimal space and can be stored in various places without taking up too much space. They’re easy to label, so you know which ribbon is in which bin to grab whichever you need easily. 

​Now that we have discussed all of these Christmas storage options, what new easy ways are you excited to try out this year? What are you going to do differently this year than last year? 

Try a few new storage ideas to make putting away your festive decor easier this year and not as agonizing to pull out next year!

Places to store christmas decorations so they still look nice next year


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