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12 Amazing Ways to Organize Coupons

If you ask me how many times over my adult life I decided to “get into couponing”, I wouldn’t even begin to count!   I get jazzed about doing it, saving money, and having a garage FULL of non-perishable items I got for free through couponing.  Some seasons, I was successful!  But when I did it well, it definitely took time and organization!

Being Smart About Your Budget

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So, if you are in that season of your life right now, I present to you 12 different ways to organize those coupons!

  1. The Binder Method. This method is great if you have time to keep it updated.  The benefits to the coupon binder is you can see easily what coupons you have, and they are easy to sort through when you are in the grocery store. Get the full details on making your own binder here.Coupon_Binder_62
  2. The Spiral Notebook – This smaller version of a coupon binder is much quicker keep up to date, but more general in it’s categories. This is great if you have a few coupons for each category you want to use at a moments notice. Plus, it’s cute! coupon04
  3. Digital Coupon organization– So many coupons are completely digital now!!  Stores have their own coupons, and most don’t need to be printed at all anymore.  Keep your digital coupons in a folder on your phone for easy use! 2015-02-01-17.01.53-576x1024
  4. The accordion file– Love this one if you don’t want to cut the coupons out. You can just file them until ready for use! Coupons-Org-4
  5. The portable coupon box – I remember a few years back seeing these at the grocery store by hard core couponers!!  It’s definitely a project to keep this one updated.   The box is portable, and easy to find coupons if you keep it
  6. The Big Box or basket – I love this because any box or basket will do! You can categorize by store, or by grocery item, and you dont have to clip the coupon unless you are ready to use it.Coupon-Organizer-Basket
  7. The envelopes – I LOVE these homemade envelopes from I Heart OrganizingCouponEnvelopes
  8. The zippered pouch  – Portable, cute, and easy to use, a zippered pouch can carry the essential coupons for your shopping trip, without scaring the folks in line behind you at the register! 79506a13db7069bf6b884bbe7cac4e8f
  9. The Wallet – use paper clips and take a few essential coupons in your standard wallet. That way, even if you aren’t going on a major shopping trip, you’ll have your coupons with you no matter what.orgnaized-wallet-and-receipts
  10. The File folders – Many couponing sites will sort your great deals by the date the insert came in your mail. Without clipping at all, insert the entire circular into file folders, and take out only the ones you’ll use. IMG_4324
  11. The wall organizer -Every home needs a command center- why not add coupons to yours! f8a866162dd8c08e2309ffe8671dd717
  12. The magazine boxes- Magazine boxes can be so useful in organizing!! Use them for your coupons as well. f28bfc228afd0339dab0bfcf105f4857


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