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18th Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

Do you have a special guy in your life that is turning 18 this year? Well, if you need some fun 18th birthday party ideas, we gotcha covered. 

Best Birthday Party Ideas for 18 Year Old Guys

In this article we’re going to go over a few different ideas for celebrating an 18 year old boy’s birthday party. We have a wide variety of ideas, and hopefully you’ll be able to find something to make this the best birthday party ever.  

18th birthday party ideas for guys
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Most eighteen year old boys (but not all) are looking for something new and exciting to experience, and they usually want to share those new and exciting experiences with their friends. 


Most cities have a paintballing facility that you can rent for your birthday boy and his friends for an hour or so. These types of facilities usually rent out the paintball guns and protective gear as well. Just make sure no one wears any clothes they are especially fond of, because there is a high risk that their clothes and shoes will get ruined at this activity. 

paint ball 18th birthday party ideas for guys


If your son has ever even shown the slightest interest in archery, now might be the chance to surprise him and take him and a few of his friends to an archery range. Sometimes these are indoor facilities and sometimes they are outside. I’d suggest calling ahead to see if the range rents out the bows or if you’ll have to bring your own. These can be expensive, so it might be worth it to ask around if anyone would be willing to loan theirs to your son for the day. 

You may also be able to set up your own archery range at or near your home. You’d need a privately owned wide open space, and a few hay bails or target stands. 

Ax Throwing

If you’ve never heard of this, then you might be surprised that it’s a booming pastime. Similar to a shooting range, but your son and his friends will be throwing axes at targets for points. 

Shooting Range

If your son has interest in guns and shooting, then he will be thrilled to go to a shooting range. Every gun owner, or future gun owner, wants to improve their shooting form and accuracy. It’s best to call ahead to your local range and see how much it would cost to come in and use the facility. Remind your son and his friends to follow all gun safety laws and rules. 

Race Track Driving

Is there a local racetrack near your city? Some race tracks will allow people the experience of driving a race car a few times around the track. So if your son has always had the “need for speed”, I’m sure he would love the opportunity to be a racecar driver for a few hours on his eighteenth birthday.


If your son is a real adrenaline junky, then going skydiving on his birthday could be the best gift anyone’s ever given him. I just hope he has some friends crazy enough to do it with him. I’ve heard that skydiving is exhausting, so you can always volunteer to be the one to drive everyone back home after their once in a lifetime adventure. 

Pilot for the Day

Maybe your son is less interested in jumping out of airplanes, and more interested in flying them? If that’s the case, then it would be a good idea to call around to your smaller airports and flight schools to see if they offer a chance to fly with an experienced pilot in a smaller private plane. This will give your son the perfect chance to see if flying is something he wants to pursue in his future or not. 

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

There is something about a hot air balloon ride that is timeless and beautiful. I feel like this would be an experience to remember for the rest of his life. If your son’s birthday is in the winter, you could always present him with this as a gift for the future months. Sometimes the joy of looking forward to a special occasion is just as much fun as the occasion itself. 

Video Game Party

If your son is less into real life adventure and more into virtual adventures, then a video game party may be his dream come true. I’ve seen where people set up a room full of multiple tv and multiple gaming consoles, so everyone can play their own game while being together, taking turns, and sharing good food and laughs. Just remember the head sets!  


Is your son an avid hiker? Did you know that there are special hikes that you can only set foot on if you win the “hiking lottery”? Yes really! The National Park Service will hold a lottery for people wanting to visit the special site, and only the people chosen for that day can go.

For example, one of them is rafting down the Grand Canyon in Arizona, another is the Coyote Buttes or “The Wave” in Utah. And the Instagram famous Havasupai Falls on Tribal land in Arizona. 

If these places are too far of a distance for you, I’m sure there are beautiful and novel hikes closer to home. Your son may even have a few in mind that he’s been wanting to check out. 


Does your son love camping? Then a friends or even family campout might be the perfect birthday party for him. Maybe he’s not a fan of sleeping in a tent? Then you could always check out renting a cabin or try “Glamping”.

camping 18th birthday party ideas for guys


Rent a Boat for the Day

Has your son ever been tubing behind a boat? There’s not many things in life that are more fun and hilarious. His friends would love to be there to experience it with him. Check your local marinas for costs and availability on renting a boat for a few hours. It will be well worth the memories! 

Winter Fun Activities

Some of the outdoor activities I mentioned above are for warmer weather, but there’s a lot of fun activities your son might enjoy in the winter as well: 

  • Snowshoeing,
  • Snow Tubing,
  • Snowboarding,
  • Skiing,
  • Ice Skating 

Sports Fans 

If your son is a big sports fan, then he’ll be happy to catch a game with you. 

Just Ask Him!

As an almost eighteen year old, your son probably has a pretty good idea of what his likes and dislikes are. You could always just ask him what he would like to do to celebrate his big day. The most important thing is just being there for him and letting him know you love him.

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