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20 Apple Recipes to Try this Fall

Fall is here and we just got our first box of apples!  Truthfully, we will dry them all for this Cinnamon Dried apple recipe, but I couldn’t help but google some more ideas for anyone who finds themselves with excessive amounts of them! And oh my!

Did I find some delicious apple recipes!!  I need another box of apples so I can make all these.  So if you find yourself with the question, What should I do with all these apples? Bookmark this page and come back when you’ve got yours!

Fall Apple Recipes

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Here are our favorite recipes when it comes to all those delicious fall apples!

Apple Chips 

Crunchy and delicious, chips are a great alternative if you want to save the apples for later!  Try this apple recipe for chips!20 Apple recipes to try this fall! From


Every year we also try to can some of our own applesauce. It’s so much tastier and chunkier than store bought applesauce, I don’t think I could ever enjoy store bought the same.20 Apple recipes to try this fall! From

Apple pie  

Everyone needs a Classic apple pie recipe, and this one is one of my favorites!20 Apple recipes to try this fall! From

Apple butter 

For some sweet spread on homemade bread, we like this better than Jam!20 Apple recipes to try this fall! From

Baked Apples  

Baked apples are perfect when you want just ONE treat!  I could make myself a baked apple each day of the week.Apple-Crumb-baked-600x408

Caramel apples  

Oh man! Haven’t tried this one, but my kids would go crazy to eat one! These look just like the fancy ones you buy at specialty stores!Make-these-yummy-gourmet-caramel-apples-its-easier-than-youd-think

Apple Bread  

Just like other sweet breads (zucchini, pumpkin) apple bread is always a hit.0914ApplePieBread005post

Apple Juice 

Try juicing your apples! It’s a great way to get some packed nutrients in your glass.  Apple-Juice-Collage-Inspiration-Kitchen1

Apple Smoothie  

Blend up into a smoothie so you can retain the fiber as well!Caramel-Apple-Smoothie-5-of-8

Apple Muffins  

An apple muffin just isn’t the same without some streussel topping like this recipe has!Apple-Crumb-Muffins

Apple Waffles  

A bit of cinnamon and cream, and caramel, and wow!!  That’s more like dessert than breakfast, but I’ll take it.Apple-Waffles-with-Cinnamon-Apple-Syrup-Recipe-7

Apple Crisp  

I need to write up my moms apple crisp recipe soon, because while it’s similar to this one, it’s a bit different, and I need to find a place to save it forever! Apple crisp with a little vanilla ice cream… WOW!Apple-Crisp

Dehydrated apples with Cinnamon  

And this is the dehydrated apples I mentioned in the opening. We take them on a river trip every year, and they are perfect for travel.DSC_1372

Apple Bars  

These amazing apple bars are made special with a shortbread crust!Apple-Crisp-Shortbread-Bars-recipe

Apple Donuts 

Cinnamon and apple in a donut! apple_donuts1

Apple Fritters  

With donuts and fritters, you’ll want to try both.AppleFritters-43

Apple Salad  

And for something on the healthier side, this apple, cranberry, walnut salad is next on my list.apple_cranberry_almond_coleslaw3.

Apple French Toast  

French Toast!! So much easier in a pan so you aren’t over the burner all morning

Apple Sandwiches  

GOUDA  AND APPLES!!  Nough said.Apple-Gouda-Grilled-Cheese-3_thumb

Apple Burgers!  

For a vegetarian dinner idea, Apple Burgers!

Gluten Free Apple Cake 

Gluten free?  No problem, you can still enjoy this fall style apple treat.

gluten free apple cake

Which one will you try first?

20 apple recipes to try this fall

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